Sparkle Fashionista(Former Name) is now VRAG.

It is a blog which speaks for me & my inner thoughts about everything creative around me

So you all might be thinking why the change in name? Basically this was a suggestion by my BFF which defines me in 2 ways. Firstly, VRAG stands for my new name after marriage Varsha (This was my nickname so not really a new one) Rane (previous surname) AND Gode (current surname). Secondly, Vigorous, Radiant & Glowing which defines me and my blog posts.

Can I post articles on this blog?

Vrag accepts written content from any individual that suits the overall theme of the site. If you’re interested in submitting an article, please email us on with the complete details. For making it more realistic one can share some related pictures as well. We will surely publish it on the blog with given details


Who is Varsha?

Heylo I’m Varsha!! A typical Puneri girl who loves to explore new places, food joints, eat yummy desserts & keep munching anything yum ♥♥ Born & brought up in Pune & now settled on the coastlines of India. Yes everyone’s favorite place Konkan! It is blessed with some of the finest beaches in India; the best weekend getaway from Mumbai/Pune. The best place in terms of nature, adventure and tranquility, cleanliness the beaches on Konkan Coast are worth visiting once in a lifetime. Currently assisting husband in software field, started this blog with an intention of sharing some knowledge to fellow beings. I still remember my office days & how my trainees/colleagues praised me for wearing a particular outfit, footwear or even accessories. This always encouraged me & maybe somewhere back of the mind this was the very reason I felt of starting up my own blog. I love experimenting new things & was always curious to check ingredients in a certain packed food or a particular cosmetic. I love exploring new things & letting people know the same. P.s. My name before marriage was Yogeeta & everyone knows me by the same name all these years.


Few Things About Me

  • Since childhood mom was tired of listening to my unlimited talks with her & same goes with dad (sister too :p). In-fact my report cards where filled with a common adjective which still describes me “Talkative”
  • I hail from a family who was not okay when I had switch field from BCA to Fashion Designing (F.D.) 🙈
  • Convincing parents was difficult back then in 2008 however, made sure to show my parents the creative side in me and how passionate I was in styling clothes. Things went on & I completed the course with enough knowledge about colors, patterns, trends, fabric, etc. I dint opt for opening a boutique or an high-end store of my own, but  made sure in guiding my friends and colleagues with some styling tips
  • Initial days started with communicating & guiding individuals around me via tips on dressing etiquette & this resulted in a personal shopper friend. So whenever someone was confused they wanted me to assist for shopping. I felt sharing knowledge was helpful rather than stitching clothes 🙂 yes you read it right. Stitching isn’t my cup of tea 😉 My main motto is “Being different is being alive!”
  • A dog lover since childhood. Love feeding stray dogs & kittens too
  • Dance makes me feel lively. Many of them are unaware, but I have cleared an exam in Bharatnatyam during school times (I dint know the importance back then & still regret the decision of dropping it)
  • I have learned belly dance for I guess 4 months (pretty less time I know, but sister is achieving my dreams by continuing this form) At times, I still dance when I’m all alone :p
  • Love clicking pictures always!!

When not Blogging?

When I don’t blog I’m either online,  surfing ideas n gaining knowledge in certain fields. I love listening to music and still watch cartoon when my sister is around ❤️. Curiosity level was always at it’s peak when I started investigating things n looking out for Skincare/hair care options or experimenting new products or new cuisine. Change is constant, and it’s aptly said change makes one’s life beautiful according to me. I keep changing according to the surrounding around. This makes me different and I can surely survive to adjust anywhere. Ready to post some amazing reviews and experiences on this beautiful platform.

Much love 🙂

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