15-dermatologist-recommended-tips-winter-skin-careeWe love the breezy weather these days, this makes us super happy & off-course lazy to lay in our beds. It is absolutely a nightmare to maintain the DRY Skin these days. We forget to take care of our skin during these dry days. No worries I’m here to share some of my nuske’s with you all 🙂 Winter Days tend to make our skin dry & which at times can results in cracks & bleeding in extreme cases. If there are some extreme issues make sure to visit a dermatologist soon.

  • Keeping the body Hydrated – Water the most important element. We don’t realize just like summers each season the water intake is must for one’s body. I usually have 3 to 4 bottles a day. Let’s make sure we start having lukewarm water, it is difficult to start off with this habit but trust me guys this will surely benefit the skin (Tried & Tested).
  • Lukewarm Water – Make it a point that we use lukewarm water to wash face as it helps a lot in keeping the skin safe & warm
  • Skin Care – We come across body lotions which suits according to the weather on our skin type. Winter lotions are generally oil-based hence opt for the ones according to the skin types. My winter specialist these days is none other than Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore – Dry Skin I apply these to hands & legs before going to bed. These actually stay long as it absorbs fast & remains non-greasy. One more addition to keep your skin fragrant is the super delicious Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Butter Lotion to Dry Skin (You actually smell like chocolate). Dry Skin can be treated well with Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream.This goes well with oily skin too. However acne prone oily skin ones should surely do a patch test for this. My personal take on Himalaya Nourishing cream is too good as it has a beautiful fragrance. (I usually go crazy when it comes to choosing creams, lotions as strong fragrance makes it unbearable for me too apply  it) Recently I’ve used this cream as make-up base too which worked well for me. Dry skin has more advantage as they are keeps the skin hydrated & provides total moisture
  • Lip Care – Scrub lips each morning. You can usually use the everyday tooth brush after brushing your teeth to scrub the lips. This helps it remove the flakes & enhances & smooth texture. However you need to perform few more lip rituals after the natural scrub. The best homemade DIY for lips are as follows:
  • Brown Sugar/Sugar + Olive Oil + Honey
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly + Lip Balm (Any one if available) + Sugar + Olive Oil
    • The above scrub has to made in proportion for e.g. each ingredient 1 tbsp & sugar 2tbsp (to get the proper scrub texture we need an extra spoon of sugar)
  • Dried Orange Zest (I usually keep orange peel aside & dry it for days & grind it a bit coarse) + Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  • Yummy Coffee Scrub : Vaseline + Roasted Coffee+ Brown Sugar/Sugar
  • Rosy Scrub : Vaseline + Rose Petals (Crushed/Dried) + Brown Sugar/Sugar
  • Make these scrubs & store them in small air-tight container for everyday use
  • Foot Care – Tired of Cracked heels. Don’t worry we have some easy foot diy to be done at home.
    • Before sleeping rub Vicks Vaporub on the cracked feet & wear socks the whole night. When you wake up in the morning rinse the feet with lukewarm water & some normal salt. Wipe off with a clean piece of cloth
    • Listerine + Vinegar + Warm Water (Equal proportion) Listerine can be 1tbspn extra. Mix well & soak feet in this water 20 mins & wash with normal water. Clean with a piece of clean cloth