Sanitary Pads could be tiresome at times. The sedentary lifestyle has taken over life these days. We hardly get time for our everyday work. I came across the Menstrual Cup and have explained my personal experience on the same. Being OCD, it is quite common to recheck stuff and things. However, Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser cam to my rescue in terms of slightest doubt.

Many of us have shifted to menstrual cups and one should opt for this product too. It is like a classic combo. At times, many of us have a heavy flow and tend to have stains on the menstrual cup. It cleanses the cup in a squeaky clean way and makes it look new!

Quantity and Price – 200ml for Rs. 360

How To Use – Add 10ml Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser to about 200ml water in a vessel. Immerse the menstrual cup in this solution for about 5 minutes. Use the brush to stir the solution and clean the cup from inside and outside. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water. You can also put 2ml everteen cleanser directly to a menstrual cup filled with water and repeat the above steps.

Everteen Menstrual Cup 
  • The menstrual cup cleanser is quite useful as it is important to clean the menstrual cup post every menstrual cycle for future cycle use
  • It has a mild fragrance so suitable for sensitive nose women as well
  • This comes with a small brush for easy cleaning of the menstrual cup
  • The brush is quite gentle with soft bristles and cleanses the cup effortlessly
  • For someone who has OCD, this brush and cleanser is a must!
  • The bottle is slightly bulky with the pump dispenser and if you happen o travel can carry it in a small jar or bottle
  • Everteen Cup Cleanser disinfects the cup in just a few minutes and hence proves great for every monthly cycle

Overall, the Everteen Cup Cleanser is like a lifetime product and could be gifted to your bestie with a menstrual cup as well. This would be a great gift for organic swap and encourage it among your friends/relatives.