In the last post, I spoke about Everteen Menstrual Cup. Today I will be talking about Everteen Daily Panty Liners. The menstrual cycle is a phase in every women’s life. Everyone has a different experience these days. I got a chance to try these panty liners. Read this detailed experience.

I have had a bad experience in terms of sanitary pads in the past. We all have used those plastic ones which had frequent rashes or irritation. They didn’t help much back then but no one of us knew about this term “Organic” or “Breathable Soft Cotton”. Brands like Everteen came for rescue and helped the female community. Everteen is one of the affordable brands when it comes to female intimate care and they have many products worth a try.

 My Experience –  Everteen Panty Liners is comfortable cotton. Priced at a very affordable Rs. 166 for 30 panty liners. I even used these during my Menstrual Cup Journey. Usually, get rashes with those plastic ones. These are super comfortable and breathable in texture. One can use it for frequent white discharge, on low flow days of your periods. Especially if someone who has regular periods and knows the exact dates can carry or wear this on that date. I frequently use panty liners during my last 2 or 3 days depending on the flow. It basically saves the normal pads and less usage equals less trash. I feel fresh and rash-free with these panty-liners. They did not irritate my skin by any mean. Super soft and thin liners. One can use this with a seamless panty for use. 

Everteen Panty Liners

Many of us travel or go out for work or on field trips. There are different odd scenarios where we get our monthly periods or miss to add a sanitary pad to our bag. These come handy and can be kept without hesitation and they don’t require much space. Travel-friendly and absolutely no leakage. They help you from spotting issues. I have used other panty liners which are smaller than these so that is the only thing I felt different in terms of the size.

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I can totally rely on the Everteen Panty Liners during these periods days. In the past, I’ve used panty liners but they were not as comfortable as these liners. Avoid those messy situations and buy these Everteen Panty Liners without a second thought. Have any of you tried these Unscented Anion strip panty liners by Everteen?