Imagine waking up to a chaotic scene of everyone yelling at each other for food because every morsel of food has vanished away. Have you ever thought of this – If all the food vanishes from the world? It would probably be the most horrifying situation. Everyone around would search for the last bite of ice cream or that fruit in the refrigerator to satisfy their food cravings.

The world would gradually slow down with absolutely low energy, suddenly everyone would fall sick with no errands, no traces of delicious food around, or no coffee or cake aroma. Uff the thought itself gives me absolute chills!

While this is just a thought can you imagine what if all the food vanishes from the world… Humans and living beings in general would suffer a lot. So, next time you eat something make sure to express gratitude towards every bite of the food. Be grateful for every single day and most importantly don’t waste food.

It is like a cycle – The farmers do all the hard work, stores, and vegetable vendors help keep it fresh, and in the end, we cook these meals. So, next time thank the divine power and universe for making us this lucky that we have delicious taste of bite every single day. When did you last thank your mother/wife/sister/daughter or Annapurna Devi (Goddess of Food)?

A small prayer we practice daily. If I miss this before the meal, we say this as a gratitude prayer along with other things before I make sure to say it before we go to bed.

Thank you God/Divine Power for the lovely meal. Thank you for satisfying my hunger, thank you for every single meal of the day. Thank you for helping me earn my meal. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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