A makeup bag is essential for your everyday ventures. The makeup bag is a pouch consisting of all your daily makeup and skin care products, which are necessary. But here is a list of 9 products you should have in your makeup bag

Check these easy skin and makeup essentials

Moisturizer: As most of you know, our skin needs moisture and must be applied daily. So it is better to keep the moisturizer handy wherever you have the makeup products. So while getting ready, you do not forget about it. 

Sunscreen: A dermatologist always suggests keeping sunscreen in your makeup bag so you can reapply it whenever you are outside. The importance of reapplying sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. You must choose the sunscreen with the SPF content.

Gel Cleanser: With the temperatures fluctuating from humid to cold, your skin tends to be sweaty or very dry. During such time, you must ensure that you thoroughly wash it, so you need a gel cleanser added to your collection.

Micellar Water: Removing your makeup right before you sleep is an essential skincare routine you cannot miss, as it leads to acne breakouts and damages your skin. But micellar water has proven to be the best solution for these issues. It has a mild water-based formula that works as a gentle cleanser for your skin. 

BB cream: This is a daily use staple as it elevates your basic look giving it an overall skin tone and helping you hide blemishes. This can also work as a tinted moisturizer as its cream base ensures your skin is hydrated. 

Cream Blush: These easy-to-use blushes perfectly match every skin type. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you need must give them a try. The best part about them is not their easy application but the subtle look they provide you with their pigment melting right into your skin. Many women love them as they give you a natural look without looking too patchy.

Eye Liner: Applying eyeliner is a makeup step you cannot skip. Just a simple eyeliner can put your whole look together and enhance the entire look. In India, applying kajal just like a liner has been an ancient practice that started to draw attention to your eyes. You can add a kajal pencil or liquid eyeliner to your makeup bag.

Lipstains: These are the new trend in cosmetics and the alternate solution for lipsticks. You need to get your hands on these to get an easy no-makeup makeup look, as they just accentuate the original shade of your lip with their long-lasting formula. You can simply use these lip stains or lip gloss to create a natural look. 

Highlighter: A highlighter helps you lift your face and give it a good feel. The shimmer plays the best role in highlighting your good features like the cheekbones and nose. In addition, the highlighter leaves a glittery effect on your skin and can also be used as an eyeshadow giving it a tad bit more glamorous look.