Heylo Peeps, hope you all doing well. Excited to share a new brand with you all today. It’s all about “Alanna”.

I have been following this brand since last few months. It was fun participating in their Earth Day Contest through their Insta Stories. Secondly, they chose few bloggers for a review marathon and I was glad to be a part of this group. They sent their 2 best seller products. Would review the first product here today which was Golden Glow Face Pack. 

Before the review, let’s know something more about Alanna. 

Alanna – “Naturally Beautiful” 

This Mumbai based brand was started in 2015 by owner Rashi Bahel Mehra.

 Owner – Rashi Bahel Mehra

 Owner – Rashi Bahel Mehra with Television Actress Achint Kaur

Handcrafted with Love

Our story starts with a love for experimenting and creating beautiful recipes with exquisite ingredients from Mother Nature that are designed to give your skin a lot of love and nourishment. The hidden chest of Nature is full of varied treasures that have answers to all the skin problems that we face today. We wanted to share our little findings with you with a hope to spread some joy. 

While we have many brands today who give us a promise of purity they seldom hold to their promise and if they do, most of the times they are valued too high.

Sourced from accredited organic vendors around the world, they’re handcrafted to create a complete sensory experience (Source Alanna Website) 

Why choose Alanna😍

🌸 Handmade

🌸 💯 Natural

🌸 Cruelty-Free

🌸 Paraben-Free

🌸 Sulphates-Free

🌸 No Artificial Colors

🌸 No Artificial Fragrances 

🌸 PETA approved (yesterday’s update) They infact purchase products from suppliers who don’t test on animals. Isn’t this a fab news?

🌸 Made in INDIA 🇮🇳

Golden Glow Face Pack Ingredients

🌻 Aloe Vera

🌻 Vetiver

🌻 Turmeric Powder

🌻 Honey

🌻 Avocado Oil

 Golden Glow Face Pack – Sparkle Fashionista

 Price and Quantity
INR 500 for 50gms

Shelf Life – 1Yr from the Date Manufactured

After reading the ingredients I’m sure many might come across new ingredients. Let’s dig in more to know how does they help us. For those who are unaware about Vetiver let me tell you all it is known as “Khus”, “Khus-Khus” and is known for its grounding and calming effects used mostly in perfumes. It’s best to fade the dark spots or scars and for a even skin adding softness. Vetiver oil is used widely for aromatherapy.
Second product which we only consume as a fruit and are unaware about its benefits are Avocado Oil. Avocado is the best in treating of blackheads and acne. They result in smooth skin texture. 

Hope this helps my readers to decide whether this product suits specific skin. 

 Products Claims

An ideal formulation of Turmeric powder, Aloe Vera and Avocado oils is specially designed to soothe dry skin and acts as a skin care agent. Turmeric provides a great brightening effect on the skin and maintains the skin elasticity along with keeping a check on the release of oil levels in the skin. Avocado too reduces the appearance of age spots while restoring the natural skin glow in a completely wholesome manner.


The mask is Turmeric yellow gel like in nature. 


Apply a thin layer on a clean and dry face, leave it on for 20 min and rinse nicely. Use at-least twice a week for great results.


💓 One can apply directly without using water

💓 Gel is super smooth in texture

💓 Works perfect on the brightening part

💓 Turmeric plays important role for skin glow

💓 Can be directly applied with a face pack brush

💓 Gives you a baby soft skin (Used it twice)

💓 Thumbs up as it’s the best for my tricky skin type (oily +sensitive) and guess what it suits dry skinned people too as my fellow bloggers loved it too

💓 Does not breakout the skin

💓 Can be used for tan removal, but the application quantity should be regular for effective results

💓 Unsure about age spots as I haven’t faced any of those yet

💓 For best results use thrice a week if working on dark spots else twice a week would do great too.

 Golden Glow Face Pack – Sparkle Fashionista


💔 If you guys follow me regularly, might be knowing the fact I’m bit allergic to strong fragrances. The product is undoubtedly fabulous, but has a overpowering fragrance which is a total turn down for me. I feel it’s Vetiver which is so strong. Although it has many benefits but it’s too strong for my sensitive nose. I’m sure this is just my lookout for the particular product, many might love the fragrance. It is not a weird one, a nice blend of fragrance which isn’t for me.

💔 Didn’t wanted to fill pros with cons and mix my words hence mentioning something here. After using the product on face, I could not wait for too long and in less then a minute washed my face but the fragrance wasn’t going off (which is a very good thing for other’s as many packs fragrance disappear after washing it off). Unlike this, I finally applied some essential oil on my face and slept. This was ultimately tried on my tanned feets and guess what it was fabulous on removing tan

💔 Available Online (I feel they might have some stores in Mumbai or their Flea Market in the city)

💔 The product will expire in like 3 months, this was sent for review so that was unacceptable.

💔 Pricey for the quantity given

💔 Jar / Tub are unhygienic. This particular product can be shifted to a small squeeze bottle as it’s gel like in texture.

 PR Samples

P. S. I would soon add a review on the hamper I won for Father’s Day contest. Shall share it after dad reviews the products 😍😍 Overall Alanna has some amazing range of skincare and haircare products ☺️☺️ Do check their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram page for some amazing products. 

P. S. They were PR samples but reviews are honest ✌️☺️