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Do you love traveling? If yes what are your travel essentials? Have you ever thought of upcycling the products or use something that won’t hamper the environment or add landfills on our Mother Earth? I’m sure we all think about it but we never take a firm green step towards the environment. I am slowly changing my lifestyle to sustainable and zero waste living and have been introducing all such brands to my readers and followers. I wish to make a change by every possible way 🙂 Bamboo India is a Pune based brand which focuses on Bamboo products and is affordable ones all under Rs. 600 only.

Did you know the plastic brushes are still the largest plastic trash on earth and some on that still exists as it takes almost 1000+ years to decompose in the landfills? Bamboo is the most profitable plant and second largest producer in India after China. It is durable than wood, stronger and lighter as well.  I currently use Purganics Bamboo Brush slightly pricey and Bamboo India is affordable. They even have free shipping all over India for Rs. 500/- & above shopping.

Bamboo Earth-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush – Super soft bristles. Anti-bacterial and easily biodegradable bamboo handle. The finishing is superb, it is light in weight and thumbs up as it is travel-friendly. The bristles are BPA-Free and are made from Nylon, bamboo fiber/corn fiber.

Bamboo India

Bamboo Cotton Buds – 50 cotton buds pack has packaging made of recycled cardboard. The buds are superb and can be used for wiping the extra eyeliner makeup or lipstick. They are super sturdy and won’t bend like the cheap earbuds. Dump these buds as a compost instead of a regular bin.

Bamboo India

Bamboo Straw – These straws are not chemically treated. Reusable and 100% natural bamboo material. When in Pune, I always drink coconut water with dad and this would be a great alternative to plastic straws. I usually buy the coconut and have them at home and avoid straws. These are super affordable and they have sent the cleaning brush which is super soft.

Their Bamboo Travel kit is priced at Rs. 259 and has some great travel essentials like Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Earbuds, Bamboo Comb, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Straw, and a Straw Cleaner.

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*The products were sent as a PR package and above are my honest and unbiased opinions based on personal experience.

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