Forest Essentials is a well-known brand and needs no introduction. They have a list of well-curated products. I’m a big fan of natural and organic products that are worth every penny. My blogger mates have experienced considerable changes with the products and this made me purchase their products.

Forest Essentials

I have oily sensitive skin type which is difficult to maintain hence I get a bit skeptical to try new things in skincare as everything in the retail stores is chemical-laden so I usually buy everything online as most of the natural/organic products are easily available online only.

I have recently ordered 3 products and will review one today. It is very important to exfoliate each skin type. Our skin renews at night, so every morning exfoliation helps to remove the dead cells on the skin. Please note Over Exfoliation cause breakouts, extreme dryness with irritation.

My Experience with the Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub

I am not a fan of scrubs as it makes me hate the subsequent look. Firstly, the scrubs tend to give me rashes and redness. Secondly, they show visible whiteheads after use or lead to a breakout. Forest Essentials Scrub have significant results on my tricky skin. Oily skin becomes tricky when a product application leads to extra sebum production or extra dryness.

Forest Essentials


  • The scrub makes my skin super soft for first few hours
  • It leaves a squeaky clean face with no trace of oil and gives skin perfect hydration
  • Gel consistency with finely milled walnut and non-abrasive in texture
  • I personally love the cute light brown coffee color of this scrub and it looks like a gold scrub to me 🙂
  • Some visible decrease on the whiteheads. So, I had these stubborn whiteheads which never left my nose area 🙁 with any drugstore product application, but Forest Essentials scrub works wonder
  • It brightens the face and adds a visible glow on the face. One can use it for last moment occasion like pre-facial face treatment
  • I’ve never loved a scrub till date as each of them worked as a plain cleanser but this one is the best purchase 🙂
  • I use this scrub every day and as a cleanser and at times as a scrub and it is a great option

Forest Essentials


  • I found none

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*This is not a sponsored review. I have purchased the product and above are my honest and unbiased opinions based on personal experience.

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