Tired of those pesky monsters appearing on your special day or ruining your face.  Have you been using Colgate toothpaste to treat them and make it more worse? Please stop doing that now. 

Each skin is different and so does the pimple on it, let’s stop listening to everyone and use things handy to treat it. Please consider the after effects can be worse resulting in a lifetime acne scar on the face 😑😑

So one fine day, got a pimple exactly above my lips. If you all follow me regularly on Instagram might be knowing how much I love @blenditrawbeauty products 😍😍 They are totally worth using. I’ve been using their essential oils almost regularly. One of favvy and savior  is Tea Tree. 💕

Procedure – Before sleeping take a drop of oil on the index finger and apply on the area where pimple bump occurred. No need to rub it just apply on the affected area. You might feel a tingling sensation after application but not to worry. Next morning the pimple was this as shown in the pic and it helped in curing. It was left with just small red spot which vanished the other day. Tea Tree on whole face isn’t recommended as it is strong in curing dry scalp, fungus on toes, acne, wounds and many more 😍😍

Will soon share a perfectly easy tip of using Tea Tree for face.

P.s. If you are using essential oils for the first time pls do a patch test. Attaching a patch test image driven from Google

Purchase this multiple purpose bottle from @blenditrawbeauty at INR 245 for 10ML. The bottle is handy and travel friendly too. 

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Have a great day 😍😍