Hello peeps. Hope you all are doing fine. I’m sure we all face time management issues when it comes to work , personal life & our passion. I feel an urge to share some methodologies and techniques to follow your passion. I faced hard time while shifting from normal routine job to start a blog. I made up my mind of writing and explaining products & experimenting new stuff and spreading awareness but before this I had no knowledge about blogging. I did waste some time & finally started well!!

Let’s jolt down few important points to become pro in such cases :-

❤️ Planning the topic & content – Be clear to plan a certain topic for your blog post. Don’t switch the topics always, as this might make me confuse & distract you from ideas regarding a particular topic. For e.g. If you plan to write something about a specific brand, don’t switch to a different brand & start comparing both. Remember every individual handmade product requires lots of patience, research & skilled team who works efficiently in raising the product & setting a limit to certain issues like acne or sun tan. After the topic/product/service is planned please research about the specific brand. Get to know the ingredients listed on the tube or jar, if anything is unknown you can always Google it, that really helps you in understanding the importance of a certain base ingredient. Remember half knowledge is always dangerous hence always keep brief a information handy to explain.

❤️ Written Content – Everytime you plan head towards the write-up part. If you are a mom or a part time blogger use laptop or let’s say the Smartphone note section/wordpad this helps you to note down the content well & even if you leave in between you will get a link to what is going in your mind. Avoid written notes for such work as it might increase your work & off-course paper wastage 😦 Keep paper safe for all topics & to-do lists. P.s. I usually use notepad on laptop or desktop for the inside content & my Smartphone for the topics. When I’m traveling & have issues in battery consumption of phone I note down my topics pending on a sheet of paper.

❤️ Work Management – If you are at work let’s say from 10am to 6pm dedicate some time for you blog/insta profile/Facebook page during lunch. This will keep you on track with the audience involved on your social media sites. You will always have an idea of who liked/followed/commented. If it’s a mom blogger or a housewife please get minimum 1hr time for the above things mentioned.

❤️ Motivation & Comparison – We all know every individual thinks different, so please stop comparing yourselves with your co-bloggers. Each one is special & has a different in potraying things to their set of audience. Not to forget everyone started from a Zero to a certain followers/likes/comments. Don’t get disheartened by any such concerns. Always remember each one of us have started at a certain phase or time. Like I’m a newbie, there are many followers who have crossed 1k followers or has active audience on Facebook/Blog. Keep up the good work & always strive to work hard. Stand still, face all odds & conquer 😊

❤️ Funny/Interesting Facts or Situations – If you want to connect more closely with your audience start sharing some funny incidents or posts happening around. Any interesting fact you come across please spread awareness, never keep it for yourself. We are here to spread our set of knowledge so always be ready for positive & constructive approach (Never assume negative, the comment or review should always be taken positively or a in a constructive way. This helps you grow & let’s you keep you calm.

❤️ Constructive Feedback for Product or a blogger – If you buy a certain product and get allergic never mention that directly, there might be certain aspects to the same.For e.g. when was the application, If it was mentioned apply 15 mins prior you step out of the house & we tend to apply it during travel, we try something during
the peak phase i.e. the 5 days menstrual cycle this can make you feel allergic to a certain ingredient present inside & can irritate you skin (offcourse each lady has different issues during these days so I would say better let’s not experiment new things during this time). Also if the time limit for a certain mask is just 1min & we feel it’s too less & apply it for some more time. This can again harm our skin with red rashes. We are at last humans & make mistakes hence let’s be more careful & help the brand in a better way by giving constructive review. Now let’s talk about the blogger part, when we come across a certain post by a blogger where he/she isn’t
aware about a particular thing or promoting something different do not post a negative comment as this might go against the blogger & it will ultimately hamper the audience linked with the blog/insta handle/facebook page. Let’s email the issue to our fellow blogger or DM if you are in contact with him/her directly instead of
posting it on social media sites as this might discourage the blogger directly & we don’t want that to happen

❤️ Editing & Copyrighting – We tend to publish raw photos clicked by the phone on our blogs. Please wait, download some picture editing apps & edit the pics with some taglines, smileys and borders with a copyright of your blog logo or brand name. This helps you keep the authenticity of the pictures & they can be shared with off-course your logo used so that is a plus time when a person can directly check your blog & follow the posts.

❤️ Comments & Likes – Respond the likes & comments, this makes the audience understand there is a response & we can follow this site for latest updates. For e.g. If you visit a fabric store & ask certain specifications to the sales guy but he does not respond the way you want to, you will never visit the store even if they have variety or offers. So you are the first face to your Blog/Insta handle/Facebook Page never disappoint the audience, always keep your calm & responding.

❤️ Start & End – Start you topic in a such a way that the reader instantly feels the content is amazing like linking a certain situation or case with it. For e.g. I’ve been using many products but never got such amazing results after using this for my hair. Note :- Such statements makes the reader urge to read the content &
ultimately comment on the blog post. The end should always be welcoming like stay tuned for some more amazing products knowledge & discounts. This will also help you in gaining a lifetime follower.

❤️ Collaborations & Sample Product – Always enquire with specific brands if they are open for collab (paid/unpaid). Don’t just blindly buy the products on their site like a random buyer. Always ask if they also deliver sample products for the same. There are many brands who send certain sample products after buying products in
a particular criteria. Some brands only send samples to who have followers above 1k, but also offer amazing discounts to bloggers. Remember do not get disheartened if you have less followers/like there is always a positive side each day. Start working hard in gaining more followers.

❤️ Keywords Filters – For social media, keywords are important they usually show up in the search results hence, first categorize your blog post e.g. Product review /skincare & add some tags so that the certain post comes up in search result after the keyword search.

❤️ Public Profile and Boost posts – If you need followers make sure your profile is set to Public on Instagram. Use common hashtags and get more followers. Start boosting particular posts on Facebook if required, it is off-course paid.

❤️ Home-made Diy’s – Start sharing your home-made diy’s for face, skin or hair. Give detailed explanation as to who will it suit & how effective it would be for a certain issue. This helps the audience try something readily available at home quickly.

❤️ Suggestions –  Keep asking for suggestions & be open for any type of suggestion & work on it accordingly.

Stay tuned for such update. Please subscribe my blog, follow my Insta profile & like my Facebook page too. Links are provided in the contact us page. Please spread the word & share this if
possible. These simple tricks might help a newbie blogger.

Hope this post helps the bloggers to work with ease in some way or the other. Although, I’m not a pro in blog posts but thought of writing something productive for
my fellow bloggers. Happy Blogging to all 😍 Lots of Love ❤️❤️