Hola Readers. We are back again with #festiveblogging series today. I’m sure you all will enjoy this #blogtrain too ❤💃 just like our other hit trains. I would talk about the Diwali Importance Stories in Mythological & Traditional Way.

I am writing this post as a part of the #phatakablogtrain. Thank-you Sabeeka from Mom’s Methods for the lovely introduction, do read her post for Diwali which strongly talks about THE POWER OF HUGS.

Let’s talk about the importance of Diwali for each day from 16th Oct – 21st Oct. Just like Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri each family member eagerly waits for Diwali 🎆🎁🎉✨ too. It is said to be “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS”. Cleanliness is very important before any occasion. Stay tuned till the end to read the spiritual aspect behind each day. This is exactly how I’ve been celebrating Diwali and few things were new to me as they were from Husband’s side (1st Diwali at MIL’s place).

16th Oct – Vasubaras. Cow is worshipped by Hindus and said to be sacred. This day is specifically dedicated for cows and they are offered Gograss (cow food). 

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17th Oct – Dhanteras – The 1st day of Diwali is Dhanteras/Dhanatrayodashi, this day Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped (P. S. If you still confused, wait 😯 you might have seen a standing idol of this God usually in almost all medical stores or medical wholesale) Dhanvantari is said to be the teacher of physicians and originator of Ayurveda. On this day, families go and buy silver or gold utensils or Lakshmi idol or coins. We usually get Lakshmi coins each year 🙏😇 at home, it is said to be auspicious to buy any precious metal which is Dhan (wealth). Inputs – gyaan from mumma and Google 😋


18th Oct – Narak Chaturdashi – This is the second day and a day before Diwali hence also known as Choti Diwali aka Small Diwali. On this day Krishna, Satyabhama and Kali killed Narakasura.  There are few things which were like secret book for me as my mom knew about this day but I never asked her anything 🙈 and tend to forget those childhood memories too 🤗😂.

So in Sindhudurg and Goa, this day is celebrated with much excitement as Narakasura Effigies are made out of paper, face mask, paints, wood and grass on this day and at night this effigy is taken everywhere with some chants and songs in a village. In the morning around 4 am this effigy is burnt and people return home with joy and burst firecrackers to declare victory over the evil. This is then followed by scented oil application on the body with Ubtan/Utna (Scented natural powder for skin soothing and brightening) and this process is then followed by application of the age old Moti Soap,known as Abhyangsnan. At homes, before bath families also buy a berry like appearance called “KAREET” and keep it near the Tulsi (Basil) Vrundavan (Area or Masonry structure) and before bath they crush it with the leg in such a way that the seeds are thrown out & it is said that the seeds (blood of Narakasura) should be then applied on the forehead as TILAK & then proceed to have a bath.

Narakasura Effigy

19th Oct – Lakshmi Pujan – The third auspicious day and is the most important as it is said Lakshmi Pujan as Goddess Lakshmi enters a clean and tidy house and stays to bless the people with health and wealth each year 😇🙏. This day the house has to be neat and clean. 

Dad’s House

Evening time Lakshmi Puja is done with the help of  priest in shops/house or families do it themselves by arranging a separate area for Lakshmiji’s Idol or Photo, Diwali Faral (Snacks), fruits is kept with it and some big lit diya and Samayi (Bigger Diya Holder) which is kept lit whole night ✨✨👌. Aarti is done this day with much dedication. 

Broom is also kept during this day below or besides the laxmi puja area as it is considered to be Lakshmi who wards off dirt from house. People wear new clothes, lit up the house with diya and lantern and keep the doors opened. This year Laksmi Pujan Muhurtham is from 6:11 pm to 8:41 pm (Reference – Mahalakshmi Calendar)

Handmade Diwali Decorative Items made by Me

20th Oct – Diwali Padwa – This is again a big story about King Bali who was pushed to Netherworld (patalaloka) below ground by Lord Vishnu and Bali returned during this day as a Vardan given by Vishnu. This day women get gifts from their husband’s as they do
Tilak. This day is alternately known as Bali Pratipada. 

21st Oct – Bhaubij – This day is dedicated for the brothers. It is said that after Narakasura’s Vad (Death) by Krishna, Lord Krishna went to his younger sister Subhadra and she did happily did his Tilak (Kumkum applied with some rice on forehead) and offered him some sweets too. Hence this day women visit their brother’s and do the Tilak and in Maharashtra there is a red dhaaga (band) to be tied on brother’s wrist called as “KARGOTI” and feed him sweets and food. The seating area is decorated with a rangoli as shown below.

For those women who have no brother they consider The Moon as their brother and pray looking at him this day. Hence the name ChandaMama. 

Quilled CD Diya Holder made by Me

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