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I’ve come back with amazing review about a special brand named “ECOBERRY” based in Bangalore
Will surely reveal the reason of being special in the end of this review so keep reading till the end.

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I came across this brand & checked their website, now what made me purchase from them was something named Shikakai Shampoo Bar.
You all might think what is so different about it. I’ve been listening about the famous Shikakai Soap used for hair by grandma & MIL. It was a famous product
back then. To my surprise, the product was out of stock on Ecoberry!! I was curious to try something different & then the team introduced me with a
different soap bar named “ONION FENUGREEK SHAMPOO BAR”. I’ve been a reader since beginning (no books please) but yes to the online sites & references. Now I already knew
the fact that Fenugreek is best to cure dandruff & onions act amazing for hair growth this made me purchase the amazing soap bar. Two advantages in a single soap,
now that’s a beautiful deal said the curious shopper in me 😉. Being a blogger, I was curious to know about their products and inquired if they can send me
sample products. The team said yes & I received the much awaited goodie bag.


Well packed in just a box & the soap bars were all secure in a tight plastic sheet kept on a soft sponge with a small tube of happiness (lip balm ❤️). The packaging was Eco-friendly.


ALL-NATURAL PEPPERMINT LIP BALM (no idea as it was a sample product)

Let’s see how the products worked for me.


Shampoo Bar has ingredients which works on dandruff, itchy scalp & hair fall (to an extent). It contains all natural ingredients which makes it more beneficial for
the hair. However, I feel after washing with it makes my hair feel a bit dry & rough (maybe that’s because the ingredients are all natural) but it works best after
using the conditioner. Totally a must have product. No one can ever regret switching to natural methods & leaving those chemical-based shampoo behind.


Ingredients –  Contains saponifed oils of Coconut, Soyabean, Rice bran, Palm & Castor. Essential fragrance oil too. Also contains natural ingredients like
Arappu (Natural Conditioning Agent)

Again this soap has all natural ingredients, no hint of chemical can be sensed in this too. It lathers quite well on hair.

Usage– Both the soaps can be directly used on wet hair. They have a different aroma altogether which one has never come across (I personally love it). I usually wet my hair & after few secs lather the shampoo bar on hand & then gently on hair. This helps me use the soap well. After using it on my hair for about 2 mins, I let it settle for some more mins & rinse it with water. Always make sure hot water can harm the hair strands so lukewarm would surely benefit you all. After this procedure, repeat the same with Arappu bar. Do not rub the soap on hair, this might leave the soap extracts on hair (although I haven’t done anything as such, but it could harm your hair if unwashed roughly) . Also note – If you are using natural ingredient product for the first time, it won’t benefit you in first use itself. Same goes with the soap, you will discover hair fall during this process but trust me it decreases as per the washes.


💞Manageable shampoo & conditioning bars as it works on frizz too
💞Fenugreek is the best ingredient used which works on dandruff & itchy scalp
💞My oily scalp was easily manageable with both soaps
💞Onion works for hair growth & I could see changes , a significant decrease in hairfall
💞The fragrance can be handled by sensitive nose too
💞Eco-friendly packaging
💞Manages tangled hair too
💞Both the soap bars were amazing look-wise

💞You can literally feel the soft granules in onion soap (could be Rice Bran) & the softness of Arappu in the conditioning bar

💞The results on hair is amazing overall making it smooth & dandruff-free & no more itchy scalp.

Onion – Fenugreek Shampoo Bar



📝I feel it makes the hair dry if not used the conditioning soap
📝Available online only (well that cannot be a con as such), they might be local in the required cities
📝After each use, the soap bar has to be dried else it might get wasted as it easily dissolves in water (not that quick but I could see the natural color & small
particles coming off after each wash if kept on the wet floor) so need to be careful. After the soaps are used make sure they are dried. (This is been notified
on their soap list too)
📝No significant fragrance of the soaps was left on my hair after the wash, in fact I just felt a bit natural. This cannot be a major con but I usually love the fragrance that lingers after the hair wash.
❤️❤️All these cannot be cons for others as this is my personal view❤️❤️

Arappu Conditioning Hair Wash

P.S. For better results do not switch to chemical-based shampoos, using natural products would be tiresome at times. But trust me the results are outstanding as it takes time to work.

Please check the below amazing results after application on the soap bars. This is my 1st time application of both soap bars.l

Last but not the least my favorite tub of happiness was the green lip balm from the goodies . Lovely green color which was so appealing 💚

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Product has all ingredients which will help your chapped lips in turning them normal pink 💞


💋 Works on chapped lips

💋 Makes them super soft

💋 I like the bubble gum like fragrance (The team informed me it’s Peppermint Oil)

💋 Very lightly tinted (Personal opinion)

💋 Makes the lips pink

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🙈 I feel the tub is quite unhygienic, would prefer a tube. However, it’s the best because summers can melt the balm placed on tube but using tub makes it secure too. (Not really a con)

🙈 Only if you are consistent in applying it, the lips will remain healthy

🙈 Remains for only 2 to 3 hrs (But guess what you can re-apply this one as it has no hint of chemicals, artificial fragrances or preservatives in it)

♥️Let’s break the silence now. Well the mastermind in making this brand is a dentist  & two engineers. So you can totally rely in terms of safety. Also they have no abrasive chemicals used, nor do they test on animals. Since they belong to scientific backgrounds, it makes them easier to understand science & nature well, with off-course a detailed research. Excited to try their few more products in future♥️

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