Hola Everyone. Every month we girls face different issues on those 5 or 7 days of menstruation. We all struggle for those perfect pads, rash-free periods, no menstrual cramps, no backache and so on. I have made a switch to organic pads long back and to date have no serious issues like the ones I had with the commercial ones which were mere plastic! I came across a brand called Everteen by Wet and Dry Personal Care P Ltd. from New Delhi. They deliver some fine feminine intimate care products. They sent a few products and will review them soon. Luckily got a chance to use their Menstrual Cup and Panty Liners. I will review their Menstrual cup with my detailed personal experience. Stay tuned to read till the end.

 Everteen Menstrual Cup comes in 2 sizes Small and Large. Small Cup for Light to Normal Flow and the large one for normal to heavy flow.

I have never used a Menstrual Cup before so this experience was really new to me. Adding a few answers for the queries which arise before trying a menstrual cup.

  • Can I pee or poop with a cup? – Commonly asked and most confusing questions of all. This is basically possible with a cup, every female has 2 holes. In simple terms, we pee from the Urethral opening and menstrual discharge is from the vagina. Everteen menstrual cup is inserted in the vagina. This makes it quite a simple process and one can swim, play any sports or dance as well with a cup inside

  • Before use should I wipe it with a cloth? – Absolutely not! One must sterilize it pre and post usage with hot water for at least 5 to 10 mins. The cloth is not necessary for this process.
  • What if the cup gets lost inside my body? – This is a myth! The only way for the cup is the exit of the vagina.
  • Is it difficult to insert? – You need a few trials to insert this well. Do not lose hope if you don’t get it right. Just a few research would help in getting the technique right
  • What all techniques are the best? – I saw the C-Fold, Punch Down Fold, 7 Fold, and many such folds online. Personally, I tried the Punch Down Fold and C-one but could manage only Punch Down. Don’t worry try any fold and then you can practice it
Menstrual Cup
  • Do I need to buy a new cup every year? – The cup is made up of medical-grade silicone so they are reusable up to 10 yrs 
  • Will this cause menstrual cramps? – This stops the cramps as it is like a seal for because of the suction inside
  • Does the cup leak? –  This depends on how it was inserted and was it fully open inside. To be safer first few uses add a sanitary pad if you have a heavy flow. Although this isn’t required as the cup doesn’t leak
  • Do I need to remove it often and insert it? – It totally depends on your flow. If you have normal to medium 4 to 6 hours or 12 hours is more than enough to empty the cup and insert it again

My Personal Experience

I have OCD so I made this easy task super tedious. Do not to tense the pelvic muscles and squat if necessary before inserting. I tried the cup on the second day, my flow is normal to medium. Used it and could successfully insert it in the second attempt itself. The method was Punch Down Fold. Read some posts and Youtube videos, they mentioned it makes a little sound when it opens inside but didn’t feel the same in my case and removed it again 🙁  Inserted it again and after 4 hours rechecked the cup for safety purpose although this is not necessary.

In the evening, I did a mistake and got tensed. I emptied the cup in the washroom but inserted it in the bathroom as I thought western-style toilets would not be easy to insert the cup. This was my biggest mistake and I had to first try it in a washroom as it was much easy to place a foot on the commode and insert it. This process of trying it in the bathroom tensed my muscles and could not insert it again as I started shivering.

The above experience was my 1st attempt on a menstrual cup. I will re-try it for my future periods for a cramp-free cycle 🙂 I request you all to kindly switch to a menstrual cup and opt for Everteen one as they are super flexible and totally worth every penny! 

Let me know your experience or thoughts on a menstrual cup 🙂

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