We love trees but development has taken a toll on the current situation in the surroundings. Deforestation takes place on a large scale everywhere. This situation is worse and responsible for climate change or frequent diseases in us. I came across this interesting person “Swami Prem Parivartan” or Peepal Baba. He is an environmentalist and the founder of “GIVE ME TREES” .The common man who encouraged the importance of trees. He is well-known as #PeepalBaba or The Man of the Trees.

Peepal Tree or Sacred Fig is scared for Hindus, Jains, and Buddhism. It has many medicinal properties and should be planted by everyone of us. It helps in for people like disorders like asthma, diabetes, diarrhea. Purifies the surrounding air, home for different birds and animals, has a very long life span and overall provides oxygen even during night. It basically supports the ecosystem.

Peepal Baba was born on 26 January 1966 in Chandigarh. He planted trees first in Pune during 1977 in a hobby club. He hold a Masters Degree in Journalism and English Literature. The story behind his mission was quite inspiring. Infants or children have the curiosity to know about everything going around. They learn and grasp things super quick. Peepal Baba just like any other kid took one thing seriously at the age of 11 told by his English Teacher and planted trees. He and “Give Me Tree” have planted more than 20 million trees. According to Peepal Baba, “Trees are water magnets. Wherever there are trees, there will be water”.

Peepal Baba
Image Courtesy – Facebook

Planting trees and conserving them is the need of the hour because it has many benefits for us, our planet, and animals as well. Imbibing these thoughts with kids is very important as the climate change has took a toll over many things these things and we don’t want to make anything extinct now!

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Give me Trees run different tree planting drives or interactive sessions in schools or work organisations. Peepal Baba encourages tree plantation and strives to keep India green every moment.

Image Courtesy – Facebook

Peepal Baba has a lot with my city “PUNE”. His recent visit to Pune, specifically my area Kedari Nagar has this tree planted by him. Do check the below video by the man himself getting nostalgic about his Pune visit.


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