Every region boasts unique dishes specific to its location. To truly experience the essence and taste of these specialties, there’s nothing quite like enjoying them right where they originate. So next time you plan a Malvan or Sindhudurg trip do check out these Malvani dishes.


Cucumber Cake or Kakdiche Dondas is the most interesting dish here. It is a long preparation but the taste is just out of the world. Cucumber, semolina, jaggery, peanuts, grated coconut, salt, cardamom ingredients. This is usually prepared and served hot for breakfast. Back then my granny (she cannot cook these days) made these and luckily I don’t miss them as my MIL cooks them to perfection too. Dhondas is soft grainy in texture and full of flavors. Guess what? It is probably the most fulfilling breakfast ever!


Easy and 3 ingredients dish. Traditionally made on cast iron, this rice flour thin crepe-like dosas are quite fulfilling. They are also known as neer dosa. They taste best with usual or chicken. The localities love to have this with tea for breakfast. This is one of the most ordered Malvani dishes in Sindhudurg so ensure to have it this morning for breakfast else it usually gets over in small food joints before 11 am.

Goad Ghavane

Omg, these are pure magic! Like Ghavane these are the same but they are sweet. Stuffed with coconut and jaggery filling (the same filling used for steamed modaks). I love having them for breakfast. My MIL never misses to make them for me as I stay far away from my parents and have no relatives nearby she makes sure I don’t feel homesick ever.

Batata Kaap/Rawa Fry Potato

The first time I had these was when my MIL made them on a cast iron tawa. The semolina cover and soft cooked potato inside surely give tough competition to the boring potato wedges/potato fries. These are simple and can be eaten as an evening monsoon snack or simply when you are short of veggies. The best combination is dal, rice, and batata kaap 🙂 Every time we make these, there is always a fight for the last one.

Nirfanas Kaap

Similar preparation to the batata kaap but just replace these with breadfruit/nirfanas. They are the best! I never miss having them when they are in the season. And yes batata kaap and nirfanas kaap taste different so both have a special place in my heart. But guess what this one is my personal favorite and I’m a little inclined towards nirfanas 🙂

Fanasachi Bhaji

Jackfruit is like having peanuts here. Local, seasonal, and healthy! The amount of hard work this vegetable takes for cleaning is worth the taste. Some of them don’t like it but this one is our personal favorite. Little S doesn’t like it so we enjoy her share too :p I know how to cook this but we live in a separate flat apartment so cleaning it here takes immense hard work and the floor is difficult to clean. We usually ask my MIL and she does everything at our other house where this can be cleaned in our big verandah 🙂 Perks of having an independent house in Sindhudurg. This is made like yellow potao sabzi but taste is literally out of this world. My MIL is the best cook and she makes it delicious so prefer to have this at home. Some of the localites, homestay owners, or local small restaurants do serve it separately for around Rs. 40 or with their regular veg thali for around Rs. 100. This is seasonal so make sure to have this when in Sindhudurg. One of the best Malvani dishes in Sindhudurg.

Malvani Dishes

Fanasache Chips

Unlike the fanasachi bhaaji which is seasonally available the fanasache chips can be consumed anytime as people sell them. They are fried jackfruit chips which is the best quick healthy snack without any guilt. People make them at home in coconut oil and store it to be consumed as an evening snack. We make sure to stock these from local shops as they are fresh and tasty. This is a great healthy snack for kids.

Have you tried any of the Malvani Dishes?

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