Hola, here comes my 3rd post for #OpenNTalk league and I’ve decided to share a simple recipe with you all today. I’m sure my fellow bloggers or mom bloggers by now know this simple yet authentic dish called as Ghavne, but there are many who have not yet made this.

The name for this dish changes from each state. I know them by these names – Malvani Ghavne/ Ghavan/ Neer Dosa/ Lacey Dosas or Rice Flour Pancake ♥💯

⏺Rice preferably old short grain rice. Fine Rice Flour can work best and requires just an hour for making Ghavne
⏺ Water
Yes pretty easy peasy 3 ingredients dish.

Pre Preparation:- 
✅Wash rice 2 to 3 times and now keep it soaked in water for at least 2 hours before you make it (overnight can be best)
 ✅Drain the water after 2 hours and grind this adding some water in a smooth fine consistency not too liquid. It should be little thin in consistency and water consistency makes it name as Neer Dosa ❤ or Ghavne
✅Add salt as per taste not much as this has its own amazing taste
✅Use a Cast iron tawa – When you buy iron tawa, buy thick iron Tawas as they are good for making Ghavne and Roti. Don’t try making this on non-stick pan’s the taste would differ as it tastes authentic only on the iron tawa

♦Our way of doing this is a bit unique. My MIL uses a midrib of banana leaf which is stiff long light green colored, dip in oil and rub on the tawa.
♦Tip – You can rub the pan with a piece of onion (cut the onion and use one half). It is said that onion or banana leaf adds shine to the Dosa.
♦Pour a ladle full of batter to the tawa
 ♦Put the lid and let it cook for a minute.

Authentic Ghavne with Coconut Chutney

♦After you remove the lid slowly loosen this dosa from all corners and then fold it in a triangle as shown in the above pic.
Serve these hot with a coconut chutney or tea
Quick Tips
✅This Dosa is not to be cooked or flipped to another side with oil
✅One side is to be solely cooked with steam and then fold it like a handkerchief 😍
✅This dosa tastes best with tea. Try just like u dip Parle G, else coconut /green mint /tomato chutney. The best with this is Malvani chicken/mutton

✅Ghavne also has a sweet version which is my personal favorite 😍😍
So next time you are visiting the coastal area like Konkan or Goa make sure you try this from the authentic local restaurants or maybe your friend and now you don’t have to wait anymore after reading this recipe. Ghar pe hi bana lo 💃💃. Do comment below your views on this simple dish.


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