We all go through different phases in our lives! Some people’s interests change from surfing to scuba diving and some become interested in cooking after they get married. I have always had a passion for cooking and enjoy preparing new dishes! There was a time after my marriage when I started exploring new delicacies that led me to experiment with other dishes requiring new ingredients, and combinations.

I basically have spent my quality free time cooking. Being at home, helps me explore different ways to cook delicious food. Post marriage, I tried to cook during weekends for my family. Dad loved eating them and always made sure to appreciate my cooking skills. When I was pregnant, I mostly cooked myself. At times he got me some snacks or junk food from outside. Besides eating outside wasn’t a good option as many restaurants and small stalls or cafes were completed shut down due to frequent lockdowns. My interest in cooking increased 10-fold during the pregnancy period. I’ve made some mouthwatering meals which today I am proud to say are my husband’s favorite too😋😍


Having said this, I even tried to chill, relax, and enjoy. I watched plenty of YouTube videos and happy-go-lucky series on Netflix. It felt nice and relaxing. Guess what? I think it’s works as a stress reliever.

All homemade – Classic Honey Pancake, Kitkat Cake, Thin Crust Paneer Pizza, Beetroot Potato Cutlets, Urad Dal Bondu, Pav Bhaaji, and Rawa Cake.

I remember the golden period of binge watching those lifestyle videos. Especially those amazing dog series and movies on Netflix. There was a phase where I saw all those happy Christmas Series too 🙂 What was your favorite go-to meal or dishes during pregnancy or tell me your favorite from the above delicacies.

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