Mystery Binge Series on ZEE5 – The new web series showcases some great star cast like Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, and Rajat Kapoor.
Jennifer plays the role of Major Monica Mehra, Indian Army Lawyer and Investigating Officer for Code M, Tanuj Virwani as Legal Council Angad Sandhu, and Rajat Kapoor as Col. Suryaveer Chauhan.

The web series focuses on a serious mystery-filled encounter in the Indian Army. It is quite an intriguing plot with various perspectives put forward in the series like Army Discipline, The Struggle to Maintain Royalty Lineage, Survival in Normal Society with Homosexuality, Serious Work Ethics/Dedication, etc.

I’ve always been a fan of Jennifer or Rajat and the roles they get are quite impactful. The bold and outspoken protagonist steals the show in her first-ever web series.

Code M
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Trust your gut instincts, they can never go wrong! – ZEE5 plays an important role to put forward such a unique story and cast. They bring out an overall new thriller series. Major Monica’s constant gut instincts and detective nature often make the case interesting. The series of serious interrogation sessions with Major Gaurav and Major Shakti unfolds the mystery to some extent. She makes sure to investigate every individual or place in even the slightest of doubt. This attitude, in turn, favors her with new leads in the case and she successfully Cracks the Code M.

ZEE5 is an OTT platform for Indian Videos, Movies, Live TV Shows, News, their ZEE5 Orginal Series. They have come up with great shows and Code M is one of them. Don’t forget to watch the mystery unfold with Major Monica Mehra and her team.

The Story is different from normal mystery/thriller series – The characters are superb in their given roles. There is no unnecessary drama and the scenes are quite realistic. Superb dialogues and great command over the local language of Jodhpur make it feel connected to our country and the diversity!

An Army Lawyer’s struggle to solve the mystery – Major Monica Mehra is stuck in the various dilemma of responsibility, being obedient to her seniors, choosing work over family, decoding the mystery of open-and-shut encounter case, etc.

Cool, Hot and Classy Legal Council – Angad Sandhu is a classic example of sheer hard work, a slight punch of humor, and yet so sorted at the same time! At the same time, he makes sure to be on the team’s side to unwrap the mystery one by one.

“Usulon Ke Pakke” Col. Suryaveer Chauhan – Typical Army Man who will always consider discipline in professional and personal life as well!

The song #FaujiKiDahaad is on repeat code. I love the music and overall lyrics of the song! I have an Army background too and hence this show was on my list to be watched and I’m so glad to watch this and can’t wait to see the #Season2

Code M is lead by Major Monica Mehra and she successfully #CracksTheCode – A complicated case of an open-and-shut encounter. Major Monica, a bold and confident female bags the limelight in Code M. At first instance, the case looks like an open-and-shut encounter but with further reports and investigations, Major Monica makes sure to unfold the mystery! Her struggle and fearless attitude end up in quite difficult and dangerous situations. The dedication to reach and see things above every scene is what makes the series interesting every moment. Just when you think the thrill is over, one small confusion revamps a whole new chapter in the case! The struggle to concur with every odds in the case and solve the encounter is quite a watch! Make sure to watch the series unfold the thrill of the interesting case.

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