Every pregnancy is special. Every woman hopes to have no complications. I was the same and wanted to enjoy every stage of this phase. However, this was not the case and our happiness was shattered.

On 2 April had encountered something weird. I accidentally made three different dal and used them for my meals. Sambar for the afternoon which had tur dal, Spinach infused chana dal and evening urad dal appam. I completely forgot my body is going through a different phase and eating these things. In the evening had painful acute stomach pain and diarrhea. We rushed to the hospital immediately and my gynecologist prescribed some medicines. This become worse post my Internal Sonogram and had major pain below the navel area. We thought it might be some hormonal or body changes and didn’t pay much attention. However, this was for almost four days.

On 6 April I saw brown discharge and this was alarming. We quickly called the doctor and she called us to visit. The pain resided on 5 April and the very next day I saw the discharge so it was quite confusing. The doctor did an overall checkup and told us the baby is all fine with proper heartbeats. She gave me some more medicines for the discharge issue. The discharge became normal within two days of the medicines. At the same time, I started having heat bumps on my face. We guessed it could be due to several medicines or hormonal changes. Also, I did not see any pregnancy glow as such! I was having the tablet for consecutive five days and the discharge was normal.

On 15 April saw a little brown discharge and assumed it will stop again. However, on 17 April in the evening, I saw red spotting again. This was happening all during the peak Covid times. We were alone and managing our life with the little baby inside the womb. The moment I saw red spotting again, I started crying again. All panicky and worried we went back again. During the checkup, we saw the placenta was sticking a little and this is called ‘Low Lying Placenta’ or ‘Placenta Previa’.

My overthinking mind could not stop and I kept browsing for some information to know more. In this condition, where the placenta stays low in the womb near the cervix. The main task of the placenta is to provide the baby with all nutrients and oxygen. This is important for the growth and development of the baby. There are many women who have a low-lying placenta and are advised to bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. This was the case with one of my aunts during both her pregnancies.

Low Lying Placenta

I wanted to experience my pregnancy phase and work as well. As I had no house help and no elders with me. I kept praying for the placenta to move up and this gradually happens when the baby grows inside. The spotting usually stops around the 5th month or so as per our doctor. I was quite happy that it was no bed rest and the placenta came up after a few weeks and the spotting was gone away.

Note – I’m not a professional or anyone who would advise regarding any condition as such. This post and every other post are based solely on my personal experience.

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