I’m more of a street shopping person. All thanks to the pakki Punekar vibe and the nostalgic trips to Fashion Street, MG Road Camp, or Hong Kong lane. I love to experience the street shopping experience with some street food and the unending walks around those old Camp gully! If you are a Punekar, you would understand all of this. Post-marriage has taught me a lot. Especially shopping online more often makes my life simple here in Sindhudurg.

My online purchases majorly include skincare, haircare, food essentials, home essentials, and a lot of similar stuff like every other housewife. I solely rely on reviews and have years of experience in research. Shhh.. all thanks to the former Process Trainer job! This helps me analyze and pick perfect stuff on Amazon too. I’m going to share all my favorite Amazon essentials with you all today. I hope you love these recommendations. Also, if you love these share them with your friends and family. I would also love to read comments on this one 🙂

Hanging Wooden Shelf I have not yet added this piece but it’s just the best duo on Amazon. Add a classic wood touch to your living room or bedroom. Accessorize this one with some artificial green planters or a small live plant. Add some fairy lights or small polaroid frames to this one. This is quite common among YouTubers and they even use it as their sitdown video background too.

Electronics Organizer Waterproof Carrying Case – I have gifted this one to hubby on our anniversary. I know the love for his gadgets and the organizing is next level. This is even traveled with us to Pune. Quite multipurpose to add wire cables and charger. Additionally, phones, Echo or Alexa Devices, or small devices can be added to this. The compartment has movable velcro to adjust according to your needs.

Wooden Serving Tray – This is a multipurpose product used as a serving tray or can be used for product photography. You might have seen this on many bloggers’ Instagram feeds. I loved the color and it is quite sturdy plus affordable too. Pick this during deals or offers, you won’t regret it. Currently, it is at the best price!

Mandala Colouring Book – I purchased this during the peak pandemic times and the initial days of COVID made us all restless to be at home. Coloring is quite therapeutic. Many of them draw and color as a stress-buster activity. Use crayons, colored pencils, or some nice colorful sketch pens to color the mandala.

Wood Door Hanging – This particular seller had many varieties but this one picked the vibe real quick! I gifted this with many other things for my sister’s birthday. Loved the print and refreshing colors hence ordered one for my house too.

These are a few of my favorite picks from Amazon. I keep purchasing things that are really necessary, this helps with unnecessary hoarding. Let me know your favorite from the above list 🙂

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