We all have senior citizens in our house or some old person who has joint pain or feeling dull issues. These are common in every household. It should be treated in advance to avoid prolonged severe issues. Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets are a boon for the above cases and will help with different benefits. I knew this will benefit Aai and she has started consuming these already. The changes are quick! Read the post below to know more about these tablets.

Ingredients and Price – Each tablet contains 300mg Kalonji (Black seed) extract. These are priced at Rs. 395 for 90 tablets.

Dosage – Two tablets each with water twice or three times a day, or as directed by the physician.

Precautions – Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid taking these tablets due to the lack of safety data. Consult physician if you are on any other medication. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

Benefits of Kalonji / Black Seeds Tablets

  • It is helpful to keep a check on diabetes
  • Soothes headache issues
  • Additionally, helps to ease joint pain or knee pain
  • Regulates odd sleep cycle

These are just a few of the benefits. It helps a lot with different issues.

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How did it benefit Aai?

Touchwood aai has no severe medical issues. She has constant knee or joint pain and it is not bearable at all. These tablets came just in time. Aai has started everyday morning walk and wakes up early every day. She felt instant relief in terms of good energy. It is like an immunity booster with a night of good sleep. We work mostly online and work from home from our flat cum office. She used to stay awake for us to return home and this ruined her sleep routine. At times, she ate food late at night waiting for us. This had adverse effects on her digestive system. An upset stomach once a week or in 10 days was quite common. Once she started consuming the Kalonji Black Seed Tablets there were some sure results on her overall health. Sound sleep and quick sleep are 2 important things for every one of us. It is never attained due to a busy schedule and odd work patterns.
Kalonji Black Seed Tablets
She sleeps around 9 or 10 but it was really impossible at times her place changed when we slept in the bedroom. Now even if she sleeps in the living area it is a sound sleep around 10 pm. This was quite quick and she was happy with the results. In the morning, she woke up with a boost of energy. It is no more sleepy or dull morning for her. She feels constant rejuvenation in her body and mind. The energy is continuous before her night sleep time and this is quite remarkable. About joint pain, the effect will take time according to her as the pain is more. At the same time, she informed me the pain is not that severe. Additionally, it claims to regulate heart health and blood pressure. In conclusion, these tablets help an individual to become strong from within or internally. Being strong internally is clearly visible on the face and one should focus on this more.

I would suggest this for people who face the above issues. I hope this personal experience might benefit your loved ones. The tablets are top-quality natural & vegetarian tablets, approved by FSSAI and made with pure highest-grade ingredients at GMP & ISO-certified units approved by Directorate of AYUSH