I’m not much into weight gain or weight loss by any mean since the beginning. On the other side, Nitin is a lot into his goal of perfect weight achievement. The moment I received the parcel for Nature Sure, he said this is mine 🙂 I was like let me click the pictures to post a review. This post is solely based on his experience with the Nature Sure Double Mass Tablets.

What is Nature Sure Mass Tablets – A natural, vegetarian food supplement made with top-grade ingredients at GMP & ISO-certified units approved by FSSAI and Directorate of AYUSH (Source – Nature Sure Website)

Ingredients and Price – Each 1000mg tablet contains Ashwagandha (increase strength), Shatavar (Promotes fertility. Good especially for the female reproductive system), Safed Musli (boosts vitality, improves sexual performance), Dadhimastu (Whey Protein), Kiwanch (natural herbal supplement that helps to lower stress, reduce anxiety, improve focus, etc), Vidarikanda (Improves sperm quality), Jeshtamadhu (also known as Licorice Powder which helps in cold and cough, anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity) , Anantmool (healthy digestion and good sperms), Chitrak (aids healthy weight), Chavya (digestive supporter and protects the liver), Nagarmotha (manages stomach disorders). *Benefits reference from Google. 90 tablets for Rs. 950/-

 These tablets are pricey! 

 No, absolutely not! The price is worth it for the formulation or selected ingredients inside the tablets. 

Who should consume these tablets?  

Men or Women who are underweight can consume these tablets. Those who are in search of quick weight gain.

Who should not consume these tablets? 

Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children and infants. Consult a doctor for possible contraindications if you are on other medications.

Consumption – It is advised to take 1 or 2 tablets or thrice a day with milk (recommended) or with water.

Experience with the Double Mass Tablets 

There is this prominent strong Ayurvedic Herbs Fragrance of the tablets once you open them. Don’t go with the awkward smell it does it’s work pretty well! We are used to Ayurvedic formulation fragrances as they don’t hamper but benefit us by every mean. The main purpose to consume these tablets was weight gain and some muscular weight. Nitin also included milk at least once a day while consuming these tablets. 

Moreover, weight gain was prominent. He does home exercise with proper homemade food. He is a rare individual who will rather not indulge in fast food but eat good fresh home food (We are opposites :p) We had to stop our seafood intake for some 30 days due to some home function. This had a diverse effect on his target weight. These double mass tablets were a boon for Nitin. The appetite increased a lot. I will share a recent experience – Nitin usually ignores evening hunger pangs and quietly sits and does not indulge in outside food ever.

Double Mass Tablets

Last week and many such previous weeks he came with a request to cook some evening snacks for him. He, in fact, helped me making homemade bhel, urad dal bonda and other such snack dishes. These tablets have increased the appetite by every mean and that instantly.  The herbal extracts helped in the natural protein intake, he stopped consuming his regular protein powder and relied on these. 

He is not allowing me to share the pictures online about the before and after effect but trust me it works well for weight and in the best possible way. The best part about these tablets is they are natural and have all ayurvedic formulations. 

If you want sure results BUY these tablets.