Welcome to a new chapter of #MyFriendAlexa where Blogchatter helps in dropping your Alexa Ranks and makes you shine like a Star 🌟 This is the 3rd Season and I’m participating in it for the very first time. My theme for the season is Natural/Organic Skincare Reviews 🙂

My first attempt towards Organic/Natural Skincare worked well with every swap done. I’m blessed to come across such brands and their efficiency of every product is visible. Quality comes with a heavy tag like its the same for many branded clothes but it is worth the price 👌♥️ let’s appreciate these Indian Brands and start making a purchase and help them grow in every way. My posts would contain some honest reviews for such efficient products which are not known to many of us.

face cream

Satliva is a brand which has fewer products but super useful ones. I recently bought a new face cream which had all my wishlist ingredients inside and top all this Satliva was my wishlist brand ❤️ 100% Natural, Chemical Free and Freshly made on order. Hemp Seed Oil extracted and combined with other cold pressed oils to give the finest quality products. 

Product Name – Satliva Mango Rosemary Face Cream 

🍃Ingredients 🍃

Hemp seed Oil – Comedogenic rating is 0, makes it a big yes for oily acne prone skin type and is the best to control the excess oil secretion. Moisturizing the skin with this oil helps a lot and protects the skin from losing moisture.

Beeswax – Most common ingredient used in lip balms. This is again noncomedogenic and used to thicken any type of product. P. S. One fun fact use beeswax to waterproof any of your favorite canvas shoes 👟👟

Carrot Seed Oil – Best for anti-aging skin and it has Vit E & C. Rich in beta-carotene and works wonder for the dry and oily skin.

face cream

 Moringa – Anti-aging ingredient and works best for skin and acne.

Mango Butter – Rich and Nourishing help for acne, oily, sensitive and dry skin as well. Non-clogging butter and clears blemishes too.

Rosemary Essential Oil – A boon for hair and skin this protects the skin from damage and is anti-inflammatory in nature.

Tea Tree Oil – My favorite ingredient tried and tested in all my hair and skin DIYs. This works on acne prone skin too.

My Experience with the Face Cream
I hate oily or heavy creams. Being oily + sensitive skinned it becomes difficult to choose face creams. Satliva is well-known among fellow bloggers, I knew it was a bit oily and always kept refraining myself to buy the products. I’m glad I took the step to buy this product. This won’t work wonders on your skin in a day but will help you to maintain the skin health and oil secretion. I used it thrice and felt it’s oily and strong but kept using it regularly for a week and saw few changes in the skin.

It gets quickly absorbed in the skin within a few seconds. Only little is enough, dab smallest amount from the tub and you’re done for the day. Please note don’t use like the normal chemical-laden creams, little goes long way. It works for acne prone skin type (do not judge it if you have a weird sleeping pattern or odd eating hours as acne aggravates more with such schedule and no cream can ever control that). I had a few breakouts and it did soothe them and kind of calmed the pimples. It makes you understand the importance of cream for oily and acne-prone skin type. Additionally, it made my pores invisible and less as well. Do check their site and order their products and I’m sure you won’t regret 🙂

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*This is not a sponsored review. I have purchased the product and above are my honest and unbiased opinions based on personal experience.