Newbie blogger with zero knowledge nor any basic information about blogging, this is how I entered the blogging world. It took me a while to understand the basics of blogging but one gets used to the ethics and tacts on their own.

I’m lucky to have some co-bloggers like Dipika, Minakshi, Ruchie, Sabeeka who helped me understand the basics of blogging or blog. Their guidance was very helpful for me to reach that level. From free website to own domain, it was a long journey but worth the wait. Sabeeka and Minakshi hosted #AlexaTheIncredible for the #womenbloggerswb group.

The progress was visible within a week after the campaign started. Please see the above image 👆.
I heard about Blogchatter on Twitter and started following them. They are back again with the 3rd Season of #MyFriendAlexa – God of Blogging. This is the first time with them and I’m super excited about it.

Why did I join this Season and My Expectations? 
  • I hardly get time these days to read blogs. Looking forward to educating myself and I’m sure all bloggers have a well-planned theme for this season
  • I lack in creating stories or a poetry. I thoroughly enjoy Mayura, Varsha, and Anami’s stories and poems. They speak their heart out with every article and it gives me utmost happiness to read their posts
  • I have contributed my bit by swapping chemical laden or products that hamper the environment with Natural/Organic Skincare which is cruelty-free or Ecocert and mostly good for your skin and easily Biodegradable
  • I’m eager to spread my knowledge in the skincare world with reviews about these products through the #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Improving my sentence formation as I’m bad at active voice posts. I often end up making it more complicated with passive voice sentences which makes it more difficult to read
  • Last but not the least, improve the Alexa. Less the merrier and best. If your rank decreases you excel in the rankings. If you are someone who has no idea about Alexa Stats please check the below image 👇

    Please fill the form and register for this season. Happy Blogging ♥️🙏                                                    


    Courtesy – Blogchatter Twitter