Holi is the festival of colors. Every age group enjoys this vibrant festival. Sindhudurg has a unique Holi Celebrations each year often referred to the term “Shigmotsav”

Every village has “Dev Holi” and “Gaav Holi”. Villagers go to get the largest straight tree. Apply haldi kumkum, offer prayers or garhane, give water and cut it. It is led by the village men in the whole village. During this process, they often abuse others, this is like a ritual and the best part is nobody feels bad. The trees used are mango, betel nut, coconut, bombax. “Navas” is done during Holi. Navas meaning “A vow or promise for the fulfillment of one’s wish.”

Shigmotsav takes place for 15 days till Gudi Padwa. The Gaav Holi place is termed as “Maand”. “Shabay” is a ritual of asking for money where men dress up in different avatars(Fancy, women-oriented or mythological ones). Every Wadi specific to the village has an assigned Radha who comes with a “Tali”. Tali is a plate from Maand, every woman in a family offer money, apply haldi kumkum with coconut and rice.

The same Tali is taken to the temple called as “Rombat”. This means Maand to Village – Tali, Maand to Temple = 2nd Tali called as Rombat. Gulache Navas is offered at Rombat.


Rombat or Tali is kept in front of each house. The avatars dance or enact on a story, many of them sing too and ask for Shabay. Everyone offers as per old days, the avatars even get musical instruments for the performances. They also play with colors.

The ingredients is kept at the Maand, collected during the week. Collected Money from the Tali is different from the ones gathered by an individual avatar. The Tali money and rice are used to prepare Chicken/ Mutton Party. Vegetarians get other options too. Rice is used to cook for this party too.The party is known as “Pos”. Soil is thrown on the Tree Holi, this is called “Dhulvad” and the end of Holi.