Every woman pre-plans her pregnancy phase right from Pregnancy shoot, baby clothes, accessories, cake for the baby shower, and baby products. Baby products are essential for all newborn just like clothes and accessories. We focus on organic and chemical-free products these days let’s concentrate on a few major concerns like diaper rashes. Each mom is tensed if she notices her baby in pain. Diaper Rashes usually occur with warm skin or red rashes symptoms. Mother Sparsh India’s First Water Based Wipes Brand takes a step forward to assure you and deliver the best one of it’s kind Water Based Baby Wipes which are dermatologically tested and are clinically proven for preventing rashes or skin irritation.

Each kid is special to every parent and they are equally worried about every minute issue or difficulty newborn faces as babies are super sensitive and can express themselves only through smiles and cries. Colic is the extreme crying condition in some newborns or infants.


Cotton diapers are trending these days as they are breathable but is it equally important to swap the age-old polyester/synthetic wipes with these eco-friendly 100% Biodegradable Wipes. It is totally fine to switch to cotton diapers but did you know it is equally harmful if one uses a cotton cloth to wipe before every diaper change? We often neglect the fact that cloth wipes still have some germs even after we wash them or soak in hot water. This is where Mother Sparsh comes into the picture and helps every new mom or moms, in general, to help overcome this fear of unexpected rashes.

Every time you change the cotton diaper there are chances of diaper rashes please don’t worry as this water-based baby wipes not only helps you to clean your baby’s bottom but it is non-sticky as well. Perfect for short visits to malls or a long drive or long vacations as they are travel-friendly and multipurpose. Mommies can use it to cleanse face before makeup or remove makeup too, daddies can wipe face while traveling. This acts best for long traveling days for every family member ✌️👌

These contain 0% Parabens, Alcohol, Polyester and which gives your baby rash-free skin. Unlike other conventional wipes, these aren’t sticky nor they have a strong artificial fragrance. They hold a mild fragrance by the soft velvety finish as it is water-based wipes. Our environment is filled with chemical, synthetic diapers, and wipes. Let’s take a step forward and influence others to make a positive change towards our loved ones and the surrounding. Let’s make Earth a better place to live in 🤗

Don’t worry about diaper rashes and please start using this multipurpose Mother Sparsh Water Based Wipes. A product which you will never regret purchasing and is worth every penny. Super soft and velvet like fabric. Gentlest of all wipes as each baby has super sensitive skin type. Amazon has on an offer it is priced at Rs. 175 for 80 wipes but now for Rs. 132.