Pune is known for “Gulaabi Thandi” aka “Rosy Winter”. The winter period is one such season where every skin type has dry skin issues. It is important to moisturize the skin and use the right products. We often see the dry lips issue is prominent in all age groups, few of us go for homemade ingredients like Milk Cream or Ghee, chemically laden lip balms which ultimately make the lip area black or pigmented, some of them invest in a good organic/natural lip balm with SPF.

Satliva curates super useful products. Unlike other brands in the market which are filled with 100’s of varieties and few of them are effective. Satliva has all efficient products.

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Ingredients:- Hemp Oil, Cocoa Butter, Bees Wax, Orange Oil
I have had a great experience with Satliva Orange Lip Balm and will review it today as it worked for me in every season(Monsoon, Summer, and Winters).
  • Super Hydrating and Moisturizing on the lips
  • Best before lipstick application as it gives a smooth finish
  • It removes the dried/chapped lips texture
  • The ingredients used are perfect for lips as they super moisturizing and helped me in peeling lips issue

  • If you are someone who has braces and has this severe dry lips issue than this is for you
  • The tub packaging is super intact and perfect for travel purpose
  • Raspberry variant was on my list but it was out of stock and had fewer hopes with this one but it is the best in terms of fragrance, not at all overpowering. Fresh and light citrus fragrance.
  • Worth every penny


CONS:- Found none

Comment below if you have any favorites from Satliva. Purchase this lip balm from the website.

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