I have a sweet tooth! There, I said it again :p shhh… I’m a person who would do anything for sweets. Can never survive without sweet for real. Chocolates are saviors during short trips or for evening hunger pangs. It is always important to make sure that the intake is minimal. Artisan chocolates are super trending these days. Dark chocolates have proven medicinal benefits. A bar of good chocolate can be a great stress-buster. Many of us celebrate sweet memories with sweet chocolates, try having one if you are going through a bad day. Trust me it will change your mood for sure! I’m going to introduce you to India’s best Artisan Dark Chocolates by BeeTee’s Melt.

Why choose BeeTee’s Melt over Commercially available chocolates? 

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates are 100% pure cacao beans. The cacao beans are from UTZ Certified (program & label for sustainable farming) farms from Vietnam and Kerala. It has no refined sugar, emulsifiers, additives, artificial flavors, or colors. These chocolate bars are made up of Cacao Beans, Palm Sugar, and Cacao Butter. Gluten and Soya-Free, Vegan (except the Milk Chocolate), Vegetarian chocolates. The chocolate is filled with good ingredients and no preservatives. 

Just like the name says, this will literally melt in your mouth. The experience is worth it! If you hate dark chocolates, you will feel a little different with the first bite. The second bite would make you feel amazing. The experience to taste something pure is real! You will not find any flavor like vanilla added for extra aroma. The natural aroma of cacao beans will stand out in these chocolate bars.

The Packaging

Love the colors and sleek packs. I received the 3 chocolate bars in a nice big tin box with a tropical theme. Every chocolate comes in a sleek colorful packs. The flavor of every chocolate bar is distinct and unique. If you are someone who loves chocolate do try these artisan chocolates. 

Dark Chocolates

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolate is available in three flavors.

BeeTee’s Melt 48% Milk Chocolate – Cacao Beans, Brown Sugar, Cacao Butter, and Milk. This one’s my favorite 🙂 What a lovely balance of sweetness and loved the overall aroma and texture.

BeeTee’s Melt 72% Dark Chocolate with Palm sugar – Cacao Beans, Palm Sugar, and Cacao Butter. I’ve saved to have during my periods. But yes, they are not that bitter in taste. Perfect bitterness balanced out with the palm sugar in it.

 BeeTee’s Melt 54% Coconut Milk Chocolate Coconut Milk, Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, and Coconut Sugar. This is a surprising flavor! The first bite will be slightly dark than the usual chocolate but when the flavor hits right inside the mouth, there is no looking back. 

Overall a sweet tooth person would take time to adjust the taste but the chocolates are worth every penny! Especially for people who have issues like the chocolate getting stuck on the tooth for too long! This is quite smooth and gooey and dissolves even with a sip of water from the tooth too! Trust me on this as I’ve had my share of commercially available chocolates. Guilty pleasures (I know), but ever since I started reading labels this has been reduced a lot!

Dark Chocolates

February is the month of Love! Let’s make our loved ones feel special. Surprise them with BeeTee’s Melt Chocolate. These are best to even gift someone on any occasion or a housewarming party.

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