Anyone who’s stayed in Sindhudurg is well-known with Ukdya Tandalachi Pej meaning Rice Kanji or Rice Gruel. Most loved and favorite among every age groups. This is a super simple and healthy dish for people who have a cold, flu or fever.

Every farmer before heading to the farm makes sure to drink Pej Nival or Brown Rice Water. I drank this in Pune as well. Plus point of having relatives in Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg. We always got our share of brown rice in Pune. Suki Pithi, Valichi Bhaaji, Green Chilly, Coconut Katali (Plain white fresh coconut scoop, don’t mistake it for malai), Pickle, and Dried Fish. The above side dishes goes best with Ukdya Tandalachi Pej.

Initial childhood days, I never liked Pej but mom kept telling me about its benefits and I personally started experiencing the difference during fever days. Ukdya Tandalachi Pej has many health benefits it cools the internal system in our bodies, adds instant spark or freshness in our day, boosts energy levels, helps retain lost energy during fever days. Super easy to digest hence perfect for people who face Diarrhoea.

Ukdya Tandalachi Pej is the super simple recipe. The best way to consume this is by having it when it’s hot πŸ™‚

Ukdya Tandalachi Pej

Ingredients:- Brown Rice or Plain Rice, Water and Salt. The authentic taste will be attained only with Brown Rice or Ukde Tandul meaning Parboiled Rice.

Preparation:- Pressure cook brown with enough water to make soup-like consistency with salt as per taste.

The water or white water of the Pej is consumed first when hot and is called as “Pej Nival”. The rice is also consumed.

Ukdya Tandalachi Pej is super light and used by everyone in Sindhudurg to treat fever. My mother kept telling me stories about her farming journey before marriage and how they enjoyed having Pej each morning. Do you love Pej by any chance or have you heard about it from a Goan or Konkani friend by any chance?