We all know Harrdy Sandhu from his popular song Naah Goriye’ from the box office hit Bala. But little did you know that even though the song was not included in the movie, it has become hugely popular on TikTok and has people from across the country shaking their legs to its tune! ‘Naah Goriya’ trended on TikTok and garnered close to 5 million views on the platform! 

What’s more? Given the popularity of the song on TikTok coupled with the love and appreciation Harrdy received from his fans on the platform, he decided to share a first-hand teaser of his new song ‘Dance like me’ exclusively with his fans on TikTok on November 30th. The video launched featuring popular dancer Lauren Gottlieb, who then came together with popular creators such as Awez Darbar and Sameeksha Sud to create various innovative videos on TikTok using the song. Excited with the song, fans, other creators, and users alike came together to show their love for the song and shared creative videos tapping their feet to the song or getting creative with vines or stories using the song on the platform! 

While TikTok’s primary value proposition is letting users create, discover, and share content in short-form videos on the mobile. This format is exclusive to TikTok and allows content creators to break barriers through their unique content that spreads joy amongst those who watch it. One of the biggest byproducts of TikTok is the discovery of music. Thanks to the many sounds and tracks available on TikTok that you can use in your video, you are quite literally spoilt for choice. And as content consumers, chances are you will have chanced upon some upbeat number that plays in your head like an earworm. While first, we saw production houses using the platform to increase awareness of their new movies, increasingly, independent and popular artists are looking to TikTok to launch promos of their songs with their fans first on TikTok and then on other platforms. With a community of over 200 million users that are spread across the length and breadth of the country and with zero barriers to consuming content, it’s no wonder that TikTok is becoming the first choice for many artists to share music while also getting to engage with their fans at the same time!
Picture Courtesy – Harrdy Sandhu’s Instagram Page

Why does this work? Seems like everyone in India loves music! Songs from across the country are being heard and used repeatedly on TikTok. For example, during the festive season, a number of songs also garnered popularity on TikTok. These were not just Hindi, but other regional languages. For instance, his Hindi and Punjabi songs topped the charts on the platform, and songs like Happy Diwali, followed by the love ballad Ik Mulaqaat.  Additionally, the platform also witnessed an increasing trend of regional songs going viral including well-known Bhojpuri song ‘4G Ka Jamana’, Tamil songs Othaiyadi Pathayila, Verithanam, Muddabanthi, and Hoyna Hoyna, and Malayalam song Kudukku 2 during the festivities on TikTok

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