I usually don’t write such posts but I feel every effort should go noticed made by anyone or any team. Blogchatter plays a very important role in every blogger’s life these days. I came across a virtual gang of friends who only helped and allow to grow every random blogger. Blogchatter is creating an amazing opportunity for every type of blogger be it a newbie or professional blogger.

I participated in two of their Alexa Campaigns. It helped me widen my perspective restricted to skincare blogging, travel, fashion, food, or beauty. There is a lot other than these generic blogging terminologies.

This is like a permanent boost for my blogging journey!

Why follow or participate in #Blogchatter Campaigns?

  • Read all type of blogs here
  • Fiction, story-telling, poems, book reviews are the most interesting reads during campaigns or read from the above list by different bloggers
  • They have dedicated emails and follow-up for every campaign or new opportunity
  • For every campaign, a mentor is assigned to help the group of bloggers
  • Live Facebook Videos by professionals are super informative and engaging at the same time
  • Twitter Threads are such an eye-opener for people who feel Twitter is boring or has word restrictions. I started loving Twitter only after these threads by Blogchatter Prime Time Twitter Chat with an interesting set of engaging questions

I planned a post and I assumed it was on the blog. I came across it today in the drafts section and posted this. Good news for all Blogchatter lovers – They recently received an award as one of the Top 100 Marketing And Advertising Companies at MADcon Dubai 2019 😊 A virtual congratulations and wishes for a bright future!

Emails like these by Blogchatter when you are most engaging in the campaigns!

In conclusion, Blogchatter is a great platform to connect with like-minded individuals/authors/bloggers. Do let me know in the comments section if you already knew about Blogchatter or came across it today through my post.

Some of my favorites from Blogchatter Team – Leha, Brindha, Geethica 🙂 I love all of them but these are really adorable!

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