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Every girl wishes the best for her second phase of life – Marriage. I always wanted a guy who would understand me and never ask me to change after marriage. Luckily, I found Nitin and he accepted me with all flaws and strengths. This blog post is all about Aai, my mother-in-law and our strong bond.

Below are few of pre-conceived notions which proved to be wrong. If you connect with any of these please let me know in the comments section.

Age Gap/Barrier- I feel this factor is common among many daughter-in-law’s. Initially felt this too but I love the fact she understood me and accepted new trends. Aai knew about it and adapted to our lifestyle. She is not that educated but has amazing grasping power and understands all English names saved on her phone and can even call us without help. This generation gap is quite common among everyone but we all deal this in the best possible way in our lives. Aai understood my struggle and often spoke to me about the distance between Pune – Sindhudurg. She gave me that mental stability with her love and this age gap helped us a lot.
Language Problem – Malvani is the local language of Sindhudurg. I knew this language as we visited my uncle in Sawantwadi in our school days. Malvani is easily understood but my mother-tongue was Marathi even after marriage. Aai never forced me to learn or speak it even with others. She understood my typical Marathi words and uses it these days and vice versa πŸ™‚ It is like a fun conversation, Aai talks in Malvani and mixes with Marathi words.
Different World’s – Aai believes in saree but changed this outlook after marriage and was okay with our (sister-in-law too) everyday attire. She only told us to attend functions in a saree or a salwar kurta. I had informed them in advance about my everyday comfortable clothes like tee-pajamas or track pants. She accepted this too.

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Non-Veg / Seafood – We had a working family in Pune so everyday food was chapati and sabzi or dal rice and non-veg was like once a month. This changed in Sindhudurg, super close to the coasts seafood is quite common here. I had never touched meat or raw fish before marriage, started cooking it here but still cannot cut or wash it so Aai or Nitin does it for me. Initial days every week fish was like a whole new menu πŸ™ I had to get used to these food habits and luckily this lessened my junk food intake.

Aai πŸ™‚
Aai made me feel home just like her own daughter. We share a special bond and even Nitin loves this strong bond.

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