Breakfast is the most essential food of the day which needs to be refreshing, tasty, healthy, and energetic. Finding the right breakfast every day is not an easy job, especially for those who are working. Keeping this in mind, I am suggesting 5 Rotti recipes, which are easy to make, tasty, and healthy.

1. Akki Rotti – Crispy, Spicy breakfast
This is the hot favorite of many people. It is made using Rice flour, freshly grated coconut, Jeera, and Salt. Those who have a craving for a spicy variety can add green chilies, coriander leaves, and onion. Those who are health conscious can add a lot of vegetables to this and reduce coconut content, yet this will be tasty. It can be made soft for elderly people or crispy for youngsters. If you have the ingredients ready, you can mix rice flour to make even one rotti which reduces wastage.

Akki Rotti

2. Jowar Rotti – Fiber-Rich variety
This version is for those who want to avoid rice intake like people with diabetes, those who are on a diet, etc. Jowar flour is rich in fiber and nutrients making it healthy. The ingredients for this rotti are Jowar flour, green chilies, onion, and salt. Jeera and grated coconut are optional. Rotti will be crispy with just green chilies, onion, and salt.
3. Millet flour Rotti – For Health Freaks
Millet flour is available readily in the market. This is made just like jowar rotti, by adding onion, green chilies, and coriander leaves. It does not need many ingredients, yet makes a healthy breakfast dish. Vegetables, Jeera, and coconut are optional depending on the person eating them.
4. Ragi Rotti – Desi Breakfast
The healthiest of all, Ragi Rotti is filling and keeps you energetic for a long time. Ragi, as we know, is full of fiber and hence it is very healthy for kids and seniors. It can be made soft or crispy, spicy or bland. You add any vegetable of your choice to make it healthier. It is best when savored hot with fresh butter and curds.

5. Mixed Dal Rotti – Tasty and Healthy
Filled with the goodness of pulses, this dosa is healthy and satisfies your tongue too. Though it needs a little prior preparation like soaking the grams and rice, it is worth it. This rotti is filling and keeps you fit for long hours. As with other types of rottis, this can also be modulated to suit your taste.
These breakfast dishes are easy to cook because you can keep everything ready the previous day. While preparing, you just have to mix them and cook. You can keep the grated coconut ready, vegetables ready, even flour can be mixed with salt, jeera (optional), and kept ready. So, making each Rotti does not take more than 5 minutes, except mix dal rotti. These rottis are good for your box also as they stay soft and will be good to eat for yourself and kids too.
If you can get your hands on plantain leaves, you can roll these rottis on them. Making them on plantain leaves makes them softer and gives a unique flavor. Also, the oil/cooking medium to be used will be reduced.

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