Eyes the most important part of our face and always ignored. We are less conscious for eye care and never think to relax the most delicate part with some eye mist, eye drops, or cucumber slices? I’m sure we all love to roam, work 24/7, watch our mobile screens every day even if it’s past midnight but we forget this hurts our eyes and end in a severe headache. I came across a really interesting which will help you relax the eye strain for real. I recently came across this interesting Undereye Mist and it helped me to an extent.

Juicy Chemistry has a wide variety and it is worth trying their products.

Ingredients:- Orange, Chamomile, Aloe, Rose, Lavender, Geranium & Eucalyptus

I hate orange fragrance but this one is really good. You will get addicted to this one after one use. I’ve used it many times for certain issues. I’m usually online browsing the computer screen for blogging purpose or either helping Nitin for online software support. We are basically night owls and have no fixed sleep routine. (I know this needs to be changed right away, we are working on it too). 

  • Works best for tired eyes
  • Soothes eyes and induces sleep to an extent
  • Instant cooling effect 
  • It works to reduce eye redness to an extent and calm the red eyes situation
  • Unsure about wrinkles or fine lines around eyes but Orange oil surely helps to get rid of it with regular use

If you are someone who has an odd working routine or is a night owl like me, please purchase this undereye mist and I’m sure you would not regret.