Winter is quickly approaching, and with it comes cool, dry air. Before you know it, every part of your body will begin to dry out. The winter months can surely be challenging for our skin, but with the right preparation, you should have little to worry about. Start getting into the habit of following these quick and easy steps, and you’ll conquer winter’s worst in no time

       1. Moisturize Daily

If moisturizing isn’t already part of your daily routine, now is the time to incorporate it. It’s important to keep all parts of your skin healthy, but focusing extra attention on your problem areas is necessary during the winter months. You know yourself best so keep this in mind when it comes to choosing the right moisturizer for you. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to select a product that is both gentle and fragrance-free. It’s recommended you apply the product of your choice after you’ve bathed as this is when your skin can achieve maximum absorption

       2. Use SPF

Although winter brings shorter days and less sunlight, harmful UV rays can still cause plenty of damage to your skin. Using SPF should be part of your daily routine, during the winter as well as the summer. In order to get the best bang for your buck, simply purchase a moisturizer and lip balm that list SPF as an ingredient. SPF 30 is recommended for daily use and can be ramped up for days when the sun’s presence is more powerful

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       3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating dead skins cells before moisturizing are critical for keeping skin healthy and making sure the moisturizer does its job. In the shower, try using a more abrasive scrubber as long as it doesn’t cause pain. Body scrubs are another way that you can naturally exfoliate, and are easy to make at home! Just as important, but often neglected, are the lips. Instead of just piling on more lip balm, you have to exfoliate the dead cells first. Mixing equal parts honey and brown sugar is an easy DIY scrub that softens even the most chapped lips. Simply place some on your fingertips and scrub lips gently for 15 to 30 seconds.

        4. Protect from the Elements

Unfortunately, moisturizing alone does not protect you 100%! If you don’t properly prepare your skin to face the elements, the precautions you’ve taken at home aren’t going to matter. The first step is proper outerwear. Make sure you are wearing something comfortable that will protect you from the elements. Don’t forget about lip balm either. Vaseline or lip balm is the best way to protect your lips from dry, cold air, which increases the likelihood of cold sores and chapped lips. However, once a cold sore develops, the key is to begin treatment ASAP. Opt for a topical cream or Valacyclovir if you prefer a subtle cold sore remedy.

         5. Avoid Heat

Since the air is so dry in the winter, heat can do just as much damage as cold. Even though it may feel great after being out in cool temperatures, taking a hot bath or shower for too long can severely dry out our skin. The most important tip to remember is making sure that you are limiting your exposure to drastic temperatures. Try to cut your shower time in half, or simply lower the temperature. Another key is dressing in layers. By layering up, you can avoid the coldest temperatures, with an easy solution to moderating your temperature by simply removing layers.

Implement these tips early and often, and you should be able to combat even the harshest elements. If you have a more serious condition, or the issues persist despite your attempts at remedy, you should consider consulting a dermatologist.