Netflix came into my life long ago. I was a lot into binge-watching it during my pregnancy days. The series and movies made me feel so good all those days. Probably, the reason would be someone who could speak in English. If you know me, I just love to talk or interact. The best part to watch Netflix was adding some new words to my existing vocabulary. I love watching fantasy or magic series and movies. I’m not much into Television Series or Soap Dramas. I prefer watching some good series or movies. They help me function well as I’m mostly indoors. The current situation can be overwhelming for every one of us. Spending some quality me-time can help us sail through difficult times. Hope these shows bring smile and happiness in your life too. Let’s dive into my favorite magic/fantasy shows or series.

  • The Worst Witch I will never get bored of watching this series. It features teen witches in a Witch Academy. The series of numerous fail and error attempts to create potions or magic in and outside the class is worth watching. Mildred Hubble is the main character. She makes sure that no stone is left unturned. Absolute newbie in the academy and steals the show in almost every episode. The series is based on Jill Murphy’s Worst Witch Books. Moral – This show teaches you the importance of friends, unity, belief, trust in the power of self-confidence, hard work, never stop trying for success.
Magic series
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  • Raising DionThis was just one season and I’m eagerly waiting for the second season. The show is about a widowed mom and her son Dion. His father passed some supernatural powers to him before he left the world. The show is superb and keeps one glued till the end of every episode. Dion has beautifully portrayed his role in the show. The transformation from a normal kid to a sudden series of superpowers. Moral – A mom-son duo can do wonders in every aspect of life. It also makes us understand the importance of our elders in our life. Just like Dion let’s take care of our mom (elders). Share your worries with your loved ones, this helps you gain clarity from someone else.
Magic Series
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  • The Bureau of Magical Things This show is about a teenage girl that accidentally gets magical powers. It revolves around fairies, elves, the human world. Kimie Tsukakoshi plays Kyra. She acts as the perfect bridge between the human world and the magic world. The sudden change is adapted slowly by her and she uses her powers wisely to help everyone around her. Moral – Kindness, and Patience are a blessing if used wisely. Never dominate or overpower any small being on earth. Every person is blessed with a superpower or super ability. Surround yourself with kind and good people/friends.

Fate: The Winx Saga The first season was fabulous. This is a mix of love, drama, rivalry, family, monsters, and overall adjusting to the environment of Otherworld in Alfea Boarding School. A teenage girl “Bloom” enters the college and witness different powers and fairies. She is a fire fairy and a rookie at controlling her magic. Raised by human parents, she takes some time to sink in and accept things. The college series makes her aware of her responsibility and control of the magic. I love to see her friends – Earth Fairy, Mind Fairy, Light Fairy, Water Fairy, Air Fairy. It is a beautiful experience to watch all these different magical powers.

Magic Series
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Mako Mermaids The show is mostly women-oriented. During a camping trip to Mako Island, Zac accidentally falls in the moon pool during the full moon. That day Sirena, Nixie, and Lyla are in charge to look after the moon pool. They fail to complete the task. Unaware of the fact, Zac turns into a merman with special powers. The series is all about all 3 girls following him on land to see if he would be a threat to the mermaid pod. The best part is watching the mermaids and mermen swim and talk about magic. The magic is so soothing to watch. Moral – Girls can do wonders when they work as a team. This series is a lovely example of unity is strength. Balance is an important aspect of life.

Almost all these shows are of fantasy or the magic-related world. Some can even be seen with your family too. I’m sure you have your personal favorites from this genre. Do let me know in the comments section. If you have seen any of these above, please tell me your favorite!