We all love to talk about things that make us feel good and happy all the time. Sometimes we forget to love ourselves and spend time living our lives for others. Many of us forget to live for ourselves, always on the lookout to help/love everyone. I’m sure we all have seen such selfless women in our lives too. This woman in-person needs no introduction, she’s the lady of our life “Mom”.

I’ve seen my mother strive and work every single day for us. She does that even today 🙂 I would like to thank and send a virtual hug to every woman in the house who selflessly looks after her kids and family.

We often listen to others and forget what we really need in our life. There is a time in our life especially after marriage where we all have to compromise at any point in life. Some of these are difficult and easy as well. I feel blessed and grateful to have an understanding family, most importantly my husband.

If you know me well, you would know my love for Pune 🙂 I will always be a Punekar by heart and soul. Residing outside Pune was a huge decision for me. No one in our family or relatives has ever thought of leaving Pune to get settled. I was happy, sad, excited, worried to start a new life in Sindhudurg. With all those mixed emotions, my journey as a wife started in Sindhudurg. I feel blessed to be a part of this rural town.

I’ve become a lot more tree-friendly, every surrounding and area is full of greens. It feels blessed to be a part of those beautiful temples in Konkan. The beaches are so calm and serene. They often teach you to be patient and be a good listener. I’m a lot inclined to nature. Be it the sunset on the beach or heavy rains during the monsoons. Everything looks beautiful in every possible way.

All these things made me realize my life was much more than working for a 10 to 6 job. I was destined to be here in Sindhudurg. Everything here is so raw and real! My life as a wife, blogging journey, pregnancy, my baby’s birth everything started on this beautiful coast. This place gave me a lot and indirectly the new phase of my life as a mom. My respect for all the moms has no limits!

My advice to all you beautiful ladies would be to love yourself before loving someone else. Accept your body, flaws, thank your body for giving you life and happiness in reality. Gratitude plays a very important role in everyone’s life.

I often get messages on my Instagram with pregnancy-related questions.

How/When to conceive? – When you and your partner are ready for an additional new member to your existing family. Visit your family physician or gynecologist before trying for a baby. This is just to ensure everything goes well and if there are any conditions, the doctors advise you accordingly.

Is Vaginal or C-Section Good? – Both ways the baby and mom should be safe and healthy. Go for any that your doctor suggests. They have seen you progress and know about your past history. Never label a mother by her birth method, it is not her choice. Either way, she does a beautiful job of creating an amazing life inside her womb.

Can Affirmations help me conceive? – Yes, why not. Everything in our life has a special time. There is a right time for everything. Never lose hope. Start scripting and use the affirmations twice a day. The time you wake up and before you go off to sleep. You can use any self-made affirmation.

How to avoid societal pressure? – You can never avoid this! Instead, just keep your ears open but don’t pay heed to their taunt. Listen and avoid works! No one will ever come to raise or look after your kid. It is ideally you/your husband or your family who will take care of all this. So, never go under that social pressure to conceive a baby

Does C-Section take a longer recovery time? – Pregnancy is a whole new birth of a woman as a mother. Pre or Post Natal changes vary from person to person. Never compare your pregnancy with any other woman. Also, never expect the same with your second pregnancy. Yes, C-Section recovery time is longer than vaginal birth. But trust me both ways, a woman is exhausted, happy, overwhelmed, and a lot more. It is okay for all these mixed feelings due to hormonal drop or imbalance. The main part is to take a rest and enjoy the initial days with your baby. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

How should I start preparing myself for a baby? – Regulate your issues like periods, PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid. Your body plays a major role in building the base for the baby. Get yourself examined and talk about it with the gynecologist. If advised get some tests done as advised by the doctor. Last but most important eat healthily. This will help you stay healthy for a long time. Go with your partner, this support helps you a lot 🙂

I’m sure there are many other queries that come to our minds when we think about pregnancy. Let me know if you want me to write on anything specific in the comments section. If you feel awkward just send me a DM on Instagram.

Please note all the views expressed are based on my personal views, opinions, and experiences. Everybody and every pregnancy are different. Never compare your pregnancy with others. If you need help, always seek the guidance of a gynecologist.