Do you recall those golden memories of watching Disney’s cartoon shows? Those were simply fun to watch and most of them always had something to learn from. My younger sister and I never missed a single episode. 

Cartoons have a positive effect on a child’s emotional, mental, and cognitive development, which is why EdTechs like BYJU’S are integrating cartoons into their learning programs to bring about better learning outcomes in kids. 

BYJU’S in collaboration with Disney India is a real game-changer. Disney BYJU’S Early Learn is a specially designed early learning program for kids (Classes of LKG – 3). Power-packed with super interactive sessions like videos, quizzes, worksheets, and games. 

Here are the Features and Contents of the BYJU’S Disney Early Learn Box

Disney BYJU's

The magic box includes 

A Smart Tablet– Loaded with all the lessons and the videos.

A Base– Holds the tablet in place.

Magical Worksheets– Anything your kids draw or write on these worksheets will be picked up by the tablet and will become a part of the lesson. 

Wiz Pen– The pen used to write on the worksheets.

Osmo Reflector– That’s the adaptor that connects the tablet to the worksheets and other learning materials, virtually.

Fun-Filled Board Game– The kit also includes the magic box games:

Disney BYJU's

Virtual Mentor- An animated virtual mentor takes you through the overall session. The art of storytelling helps kids listen carefully. It is an altogether different learning adventure.

Versatile Resources- It gives a surreal experience with a compilation of 1000s of videos, games, quizzes, stories, rhymes, etc. The experience is way beyond the expectation. 

Quick Results- The tab enables Osmo technology to help with instant digital checking of the worksheets. It quickly analyses whatever kids draw/write to gain hands-on experience and gives them the results immediately.

Real-Time Feedback- Parents receive real-time updates on their child’s progress and performance.

Study Materials– Kids will also receive a set of interesting and colorful set of books and study materials by courier.

Colorful Stickers- Two separate batches of stickers of classic Disney Characters, alphabets, numbers, etc. These can be stuck on the walls, drawers, or scrapbooks. Celebrate milestones and use these stickers as badges too.

Why choose the BYJU’S Disney Early Learn Box?

BYJU’S Magic Box is quite an engaging and intriguing program. This will ensure that kids love to study and learn it with utmost dedication. To be precise, it helps the young learners to EXPLORE. LEARN. GROW. PLAY! Let us all help young kids shape a better future. What are you waiting for? Kickstart and shape a young kid’s future with Disney BYJU’S Early Learn App.