My first post for #BlogchatterA2Z is the arrival of abundance in our lives. In real life, I’m very straightforward and content in real life. My happiness lies in small things. To be frank it can be anything right from a sweet pancake to or glass of homemade buttermilk. I feel content with anything available to me. I always felt happiness is being with your partner or he supporting your dreams and ambitions. One fine day on 17 February 2020, we got the good news of abundance coming our way in form of a baby 🙂

The feeling of ‘Our happiness knows no bounds ‘ was mutual for me and Nitin.

Like every mother, I was in tears for an hour. It’s been six years and we never really thought of a baby. Infact a doctor once sacred us stating we can only have a test tube baby :p P.s. Not all physicians do this. A small message for such professionals would be let’s not discourage a couple or anyone for instance by telling them negatively or passing wrong information. As they say, There is always a ray of hope post all the darkness.


I remember it was one of the darkest periods of my life – I was going through a tough phase at that time. My husband tried to calm me down and said ‘Don’t worry, our bodies are never the same. There are frequent changes taking place every moment. Stay positive and we will be blessed with a baby as soon as possible.’ This post is for everyone who is fighting a war inside to be a mother, for a kid who attempts to score outstanding in studies, a heartbroken individual who has lost hope. We all have different highs and lows in our life. In the end, what matters is the already available abundance around us.

Hop on and read my journey to the arrival of abundance in my life 🙂 through my upcoming posts.

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