This is my last post for #MyFriendAlexa and very special. It talks about a woman who took a step forward to help people around the world. Amla Ruia is the “Water Mother of India”. A Water Activist, Entrepreneur, and Educationist. Founder of “Aakar Charitable Trust”.

Amla Ruia was born with a silver spoon in a wealthy family of Dalmia’s. She got married to Late Mr. Ashok Ruia (Owner of Phoenix Mills Limited). Atul, her son, is the Chairman & Managing Director at The Phoenix Mills Ltd. Managing Director at High Street Phoenix.

Amla Ma’am came out of her comfort zone to provide more than donations to drought areas. Water Harvesting is a great way to conserve rainwater and use it wisely for different purposes. Ruia took this into consideration and built the first check dam in Mandawar. ACT ensures to provide 60-70% to build the check dam. Additionally, villager’s aids with 30-40% of resources. They take part in the construction and maintain the dams themselves. Check Dams – Easily installed, inexpensive and these are ancient technique dams.

Amla Ruia not only helped the drought struck areas but also helped with vegetation. Traveling long distances for water no longer exists. These farmers now grow different crops each year and can afford for children’s education. These poor farmers got a ray of hope and inspiration in the form of Amla Ruia.

She has not only built check dams in Rajasthan. Additionally included Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Dantewada(Chhattisgarh). Also, plans to extend in Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttaranchal.

Twitter – Aakar Charitable Trust

Amla Ruia adds her support to the education field. With the help of an NGO, Grammangal. Founder of Innovative method school in Ramgarh which includes self-learning and free groups. Shantivan is a beautiful lush green Mumbai’s secluded garden. This includes a herbal garden with space for events.

Amla Ruia
Source – Aakar Charitable Trust Website

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