Spending a nice weekend and pampering yourself is the best detox ever. I love to pamper my skin and hair when I get some free time.

Amrutam is an Ayurvedic Natural brand in India. They have some great products right from ayurvedic jam, face wash, body wash, hair spa, shampoo and a lot more 🙂

I loved the brand name “Amrutam” and the labels on them. They were kind enough to send me a bottle of their famous Kuntal Care Hair Spa – Do-it-yourself Hair Treatment. I have used it for a month and will review it today. The review is solely based on personal experience.

First Impressions:- The bottle is huge and not really travel-friendly. It has a strong herbal fragrance. The consistency and texture will make this product last for a long time. Apply Amrutam Hair Spa and allow it dry, let the hair soak all good ingredients.

My experience with the Amrutam Kuntal Care- Do-it-yourself Hair Spa

If you love strong henna fragrance this product is for you :p I’m basically in love of the fragrance, it makes me feel good. Nitin, on the other day, couldn’t bear it. The texture is a thick gel-like DIY hair mask and of the henna color. The fragrance that overpowers this hair spa is of Mehendi and Eucalyptus Oil.

My first use was applying it on my scalp and hair strands and keeping it for nice 30 mins. The second time, applied it and kept overnight. While washing the hair it made my hair feel softer and nice. This was followed by a Natural shampoo bar by Satliva. I currently don’t use conditioner. The after results were good my hair was soft, manageable but they made my hair scalp oily. Dandruff and itchy scalp were under control for that day. I feel it is summers and I already have an oily scalp so using a lot on the hair might have made them oily. I will still use this and shall check for Konkan monsoons.


The fragrance is soothing, kind of thought it will bother me as I hate strong fragrances(Allergic to strong odor or fragrance) but this one was truly magical. In fact, it does make my hair soft, it makes them tangle-free. To sum up everything, I would say please give Amrutam a try guys. It is a bit pricey but totally worth it. I have medium hair length so it helps me. If you are someone with long hair, the quantity would differ. Thumbs up for a beautiful creation. Also, I’m eyeing Amrutam body wash and face wash :p

It has all good ingredients inside so it won’t have any side-effects on your hair.

Have you tried any of Amrutam Ayurvedic Jams or products?

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