The #AtoZ Challenge and #BlogchatterAtoZ was super hit challenge for me 🙂

Frankly speaking the new domain authority and the sudden drop made me re-think about the existence of my blog. You guys won’t believe, I literally kept weeping for a day or two as it felt discouraging. I missed many points while working for new blogs like “nofollow” or checking the judging a good follow link. My close friends and family tried their best to encourage me and get me back on track.

The first outsider who helped me and encouraged to take this challenge was my mentor Brindha from team #Blogchatter. My office colleague and friend Jagruti helped me too. Nitin plays a very important part of my life. He sat each night until I published every letter.

Perks of #AtoZ Challenge

  • Wide range of blogs and figured some new words to personal dictionary
  • Story telling is an art, loved reading few of them during this journey
  • Blogchatter acted as an open platform and gave us a beautiful chance to link our posts each day
  • They even added this adding blog links for Facebook posts
  • I personally loved the way they assigned mentors. They basically planned it in a super systematic way
  • The constant emails and messages made me trigger and join this campaign to improve my blog score
  • I even made an online sheet to keep a record for Blog Reading List ( although it isn’t halfway, I tend to read the other blogs in near future) and Alexa Ranking of the blog.
  • AtoZ
  • Blogchatter took a step forward and added great live sessions on Facebook
  • AtoZ had some really great blog posts too
  • They had super simple small yet effective posts for a beginner. I wish I would have known about them 2 years back when blogging was all new to me 🙂
My posts were not planned in advance but yes the letters were planned only for few wherein again Brindha helped me. The theme was “Konkan Diaries” all about the beautiful places, culture or food in Konkan, Sindhudurg. Mom and dad read the posts and shared with their friends 🙂 They helped me for ideas as well. Love you guys! Nitin is born and brought up in this beautiful nature laden land of Konkan so he helped me for all the insights and posts. We had a wedding in our family and at times had to stay with mother-in-law so juggling between work and the home was challenging too. I basically woke up every morning at 7 to prepare breakfast and cook our lunch so I get some time to think, manage, grab pictures from the phone edit them and post them each night when Nitin was free.

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary Reflections badge

The only con according to me was I couldn’t justify the reading part 🙁 I so wish it was regular and consistent from my end. I would like to thank all friends, family, followers, co-bloggers, hosts of #AtoZ #Blogchatter, and constant supporters for the guidance and utmost support 🙂 Please keep showering your love forever!

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