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About the author, Dr. Amrita Basu (MBBS, MS) – I got a chance to review my favorite blogger’s book today who is an ENT Surgeon and a former teacher at a Medical School. The editor is her real-life partner Dr. Abhijit Misra (MBBS, MD). They are always on the path of spreading a message related to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Amrita is a super consistent blogger and I admire her simplicity, her blog posts are super informative and consistent.

Nutrition Diet Myths and Life:- A book for everyone 🙂 It is basically an eye-opener to each individual who takes diet or nutrition for granted. Not every random person out there can give nutritional advice to anyone until he/she is a doctor, dietician or a nutritionist. The book covers all important pointers and will help many of us in real lives too.

The Ebook has some important not known facts I came across and would love to highlight it here for you all.

1. “A food item with more than ten percent of energy coming from added sugar, or if it contains more than 1% trans-fat, will be marked red.”

2. I love the way she pointed out an important aspect of our lives and that is the importance of food when one is sick. Deficiency of any micronutrients can often lead to diseases and weaken our metabolism rate. Some great pointers like dietary options to improve immunity have been mentioned in the book.

3. Cancer is the most harmful disease I’ve seen mom’s uncle suffering from mouth cancer and fighting the battle for 14+ yrs. He was an Army Man and a person with strong willpower and hope survived on a liquid diet for all those years. The book has some important points like healthy nutrition and different types of veggies to prevent and lower the risk of cancer.

4. Depression has adverse effects on one’s diet. This book covers it all with a detailed description.

Why and who can read this book?

Every health enthusiast who wants to know all about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly Dr. Amrita has shared real-life incident related to soybeans and how she got rid of soy milk. Teenagers or adults who are new to terms of nutrients, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer-prevention diet, hypothyroidism, etc. The book is like an icing on a cake as it has some bonus content like excerpts from her upcoming book “Veggies and Power Veggies”. I keep reading things about nutrition and food online but have never read anything so interesting, she has explained things in layman terms in the book. The first thing which came to my mind is the book had no pictures and I personally love colorful books. To my surprise, the Ebook did not disappoint me. I was totally engrossed reading the book. At times, interesting content grabs attention more than just pictures.

A virtual hug and thank you to Dr. Amrita for curating this wonderful Ebook.