Being a skincare enthusiast makes me discover and try new products. I love writing about them on Instagram or posting a detailed review. Do you have dry skin? Has anything caused you a rash or do you have eczema? Dry skin needs extra and intense moisturizing. Maintaining the skin is quite a task. The moment you forget to moisture it shows visible symptoms on the face. Excessive dry/itchy skin can lead to red rashes. NMantra recently sent me some of their bestsellers for review purposes. This post has the overall experience on their Intense Moisturizing Cream.

NMantra is the brainchild of  Dr. K Neelima. In 2011, she saw that her 3yr old toddler had eczema. No cream was as good or pure to benefit the condition. Being from Scientific Research Background helped her formulate and bring NMantra into existence and available for everyone.

NMantra Bellevue Intense Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Itchy, Rash, Eczema, and Sensitive Skin

Ingredients – Organic Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Sheabutter, Cocoa butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Aloe vera, Vegetable, Glycerine, Eco-cert Preservative, Rose extract, and other plant-based extracts and blend of essential oils.

NMantra products contain USDA Certified Organic Oils, Eco-Cert Preservatives, Plant-based Extracts & Emulsifiers, and Pure Essential Oils. It has no Petroleum, Parabens, Toxic Chemicals, Artificial Fragrances, Colors, or any other Harmful Ingredients.

Texture – Perfect smooth buttery texture that glides like magic on the skin. It is nice and fragrant. I personally loved the fragrance a lot.

When to Use the Intense Moisturizing Cream?

  • It can be used during the day or even at night
  • Use it to soothe a rash or redness on your skin
  • During travel for extreme eczema conditions, it does heal and repairs the skin to a major extent
  • Perfect to use for extremely dry skin that needs intense moisturization

My Experience with NMantra Bellevue Intense Moisturizing Cream

My skin is an oily sensitive skin type. Coconut Oil is comedogenic hence I could not use this one for the face. Adding a little about Nitin’s skin condition. He has dry skin so he used it regularly. This skin often leads to extreme dryness/itchy/flaky in Pune Weather. The weather here on the coasts is as usual humid so the issue isn’t that severe in his case. Although, when it comes to his eyes they are dry and flaky. Similarly, he has dry and rough hair that he never bothers to apply oil!

The dry flaky eyelids are consistent in humid areas too. I specifically asked him to follow a routine. During the skincare routine, we had to visit and spend time at our other house with MIL. I forgot to carry his cream and we stayed there for almost 4 days. The dry flaky eyes were almost okay. I could see the difference in the eyes too. Well moisturized and no dryness. We started the routine again, and he loves the product. This review is based on his personal experience.

Intense Moisturizing Cream

We know not all men are into skincare and often skip using products regularly. He regularly used it for almost 2 weeks. Felt nice and moisturized with no dry patches. A little application helped that go away too. In my case, I somehow have dry feet (not ankle) toes, and feet in general. I used it for 3 days straight and felt quite useful for my current issue. The cream absorbs well, leaves no oily cast, or is sticky. Just perfect in texture and applies well to the target area. I even tried using it for a rash on my knees and it helped to soothe the rash. Eventually, the rash went away after a few hours.

NMantra products are formulated in the best possible way. These are free of harmful chemicals/parabens. 

Do let me know if the above review helped you to find that perfect Intense Moisturizing Cream for your skin concerns. The cream will help with extra dry, itchy, sensitive skin, red rashes, soothe and calm the skin.

If yes do try this new brand and let me know your views. However, every skin type is different and we all should use it according to the skin requirements. Every product needs a patch test. 

For severe skincare issues, it is always best to consult a dermatologist. 

Where to buy NMantra products? 
You can place an order from their website or on Amazon.

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