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This year as always will miss my friends tomorrow as it is Friendship’s Day 🙂 I miss all of them and hope they miss me too :p (I know they miss me). I’m from Pune and settled on the coasts of Sindhudurg near Goa, will meet all friends when I visit Pune (This is like my favorite thing during Pune visit).


We have things to choose when it is clothes, footwear, and food as per our liking and comfort level. We can never choose our relatives, :p but we surely can choose a perfect company who would stay with us as a kid, teenager, or an adult called “FRIENDS“. It is totally our upbringing and understanding that gives us chance to choose a certain individual as our friend for life or for a certain time period.

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Look for someone who will encourage you to do good and restrict you from doing bad things. It is important to choose friends wisely.

Few things to be kept in mind when you analyze a stranger who might turn as a friend.
  • Opposites attract is true for friends. It is like the best thing to explore the diverse behavior and enjoy the company&
  • Same likes/dislikes. This is the best thing when it comes to friends and turns out a case where mostly besties have things in common which make their bond strongest
  • The person should elevate you in a real way and not discourage or demean you in any way
  • Always notice how the person behaves with every individual – If at work check is the behavior same with seniors/juniors or is he/she self-boasting always.
  • Analyze the overall behavior while you have a general talk with the person


  • Not every individual is perfect however there might be few cases like depression, lower self-esteem, introvert nature, fear of losing people. Please acknowledge these things and help that person by every mean. Maybe take them out with you and help forget things for some time and advice. Remember you cannot be in their place and experience so don’t self-boast or compare them with your state, instead talk and help them to find a way out of it!

  • Stop Assumptions and clear the facts by talking with the person. This gives you a clear idea of why the person behaved that way or spoke in that weird manner
  • Notice if the individual is trustworthy. This depends on you all alone, usually, it is said if you are trustworthy you will always recognize the trust factor in any individual. Trust can be judged on a few things like giving respect, caring, show gratitude, always positive to everyone around


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