Hola Fam. I have always tried to figure out ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle trash. You can save many things from going to trash and filling the nature with garbage which would lead to nothing but pollution alone. Read this post to work creatively and reuse with the things easily available at home 🏡

Mason Jars Glass can be recycled but we can use reuse it instead of ordering more and waste plastic packaging. Have you ever thought a cake jar can be used for storing kitchen things like pulses, rice, or any solid or fresh food? I’ve used my cake jar as tealight holder for last Diwali. You need some glitter, fabric glue, and jute rope. If you have time add handmade satin ribbon rose on the jute rope near the bottleneck and you’re done with glitter tealight holder in few minutes.


Bangle Diya Holder, Quilled Diya Holder, and Mason Jar as Glitter Tealight. All made by me 🙂

Marriage or Invitation Cards Cards have amazing texture, prints which at times have God idols on them. You can reuse the cards or paper to make a new card for your friend’s birthday. Kids can use it at school for DIY or crafts. Shrutica and I have made this Diwali Lantern last year with old Lantern zigzag paper and some colorful card papers and embellishments.


Diwali Lantern Handmade by me and Shrutica

Ice Cream Matka  We all have that craze go collect the Kulfi Matka and store it at home but have you ever thought of using it for some indoor small plants or store your accessories in the matka. If it is the traditional earthen matka use it to store any food like curd. I’ve used this matka for keeping my earrings and other accessories. One can add a small lip balm tube, hair clips or anything you need when you are traveling. This would skip those plastic zip lock bags during travel.


Matka used in the best possible way 🙂

Plastic Brushes – I recently switched to a bamboo brush and have reused my plastic brush to clean the corners of the bathroom or wash basin area.

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Pen or Dried Twigs – If you have a pen which is almost over and they are of course plastic use it as a spool to wound crafts or normal threads. I’ve seen mom using it for her yarn since my childhood ❤️. I’ve got all this in my genes all thanks to mommy 😘

CDs as a tealight holder. Before entering blogging I was into Quilling and that’s when I started using all household items. One of my favorite creation I made for Diwali.


Quilled CD as Tealight Holder

Newspaper – Did you know newspapers can be used to wipe windows. My husband does this every 15 days. He uses it to wipe windows and mirrors with water (you can skip the chemical laden spray). One can also use it instead of a log for the bonfire. My MIL does it to save the logs for the homemade Chula which she uses to boil water. Please avoid bubble wrap and add crumble newspaper for some gift wraps.


Easy Quilts – Are you someone who is a cloth hoarder and you still have fabric at home ever after donating them, then this is surely one good option to keep your favorite fabric at home. Make quilts with them and use it. u are too lazy please give it to an animal shelter, they can use it for pick up litter.



My grandmother and aunt does it every year at home.

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