Lockdown is made our #StayAtHome special as we spend quality time with our family. Kids are bored to the core these days. It is important to keep them engaged with good cartoon shows or kids series. ZEE5 Kids stands strong with amazing kids’ movies and shows. Quirky characters, great graphics, superb dialogues, and available in many regional languages. Watch Guddu Animated TV Series for Free on ZEE5.

The best part about ZEE5 is they are free and kid-friendly. Play these every evening and enjoy them with your kids. The list for such shows and movies are endless.

ZEE5 Guddu
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The Best Animated Series Guddu on ZEE5 and currently winning every kid’s heart.

About Guddu and the Cast – Javed Jaffrey in the voice of Guddu, The Great Lion King has all the attention. At the same time, other characters like Ballu – The Elephant, Honey Aunty – Bear, Veeru – Rhino, Flamingo Couple – Bunty and Babli, Chugli, Ugli, and Gugly – The Monkeys, etc. The series is quite filmy, or let’s say the Bollywood Ishtyle Dialogues are catchy. The series involves Guddu who is a Lion located in Dhimkana Nagar forest with his circus, tricks, and Unlimited Masti
Some great takeouts and good things from Guddu Animated Series on ZEE5 for Kids
  • Never Give Up – “Guddu” is that ray of hope for the Jungle and his friends. Every obstacle or bad situation and he turns it into a happy ending
  • Optimistic Approach – Despite every bad encounter around, Guddu handles every case in the same way. The optimistic approach helps him and his friends to believe in his plans
  • Friends are Life – If you choose friends wisely, they will be the biggest support in your joy and sorrows
  • Clever Mind works in almost every situation – His fight with Billori proves not every fight is won with violence or strength. Some of these are victorious with a clever mind!
  • Every episode has a moral – We keep telling age-old bedtime stories to kids but if you watch Guddu TV Series on ZEE5 there will be a moral after every episode
  • Short and Engaging Episodes – I love the fact that the episodes are short, crisp, and engaging ones. Every kid can co-relate to such small stories in a positive way
ZEE5 Guddu
Image Source – ZEE5.com

We all have spent our lives listening to brave stories but on the other hand, Guddu has it all. This kid’s show is full of different qualities like bravery, courage, humor, confidence, enjoying life to the fullest, and many such things. Overall, a series filled with fun and positivity to boost that sense of confidence during the pandemic state.