Himalaya is now a well-known brand and easily available products in almost all cities and drug stores. I was lucky to try their products and have been consistently using it. Read my thoughts about these below.

Himalaya FootCare Cream – Soft and Supple Feet in One Week. Moisturizes and soothes feet.

Indications: Dry, Rough and Cracked Feet.

Each gm contains Madhu (Honey)* 12mg. Exts. Haridra (Curcuma longa)* Rz. 11mg, Salsara (Shorea robusta)# Resin 9mg, Sunthi (Zingiber officinale)* Rz. 9mg, Methi (Trigonella foenum-graeceum)* Sd. 9mg.

Ref. : *API #Bhava Prakasha

Net Wt. 50g for Rs. 110 and 20g for Rs. 49

My Experience with the Cream

I am a lazy person when it is washing feet with lukewarm water and soak them. I did some quick wash session and the applied this foot cream. It is quite thick in beige color and absorbs quickly. If one has super dry and cracked feet this would not solely help. Regular foot soak and some pedicure at home would be the best followed by this foot cream at night. I used this for a week and saw few changes on my cracked feet, Pune weather this year has made my skin super Dry and Cracked Feet. Yes, they make the feet soft – P.s. Apply it before you go to bed and wear socks to lock the moisture of the cream. When you wake up use some soft scrub and brush away the grime in the feet. Must try for individuals who face cracked feet or dry skin issues.


Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers – These come in 5 variants with a mild fragrance. I am very particular when traveling is concerned. These were my savior during my vacation to Pune while traveling 🙂 Totally adore them.

  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Litchi
  • Orange
  • Plain

Claims – Effective against Bacteria and Fungi. Self Drying Gel. No Soap and water required after use. Recommended and used by Doctors.

My take on the Sanitizers – These come with a sturdy flip top cap and transparent plastic bottles. I have tried all the variants and they are effective, used them while traveling in a train and car recently, at public toilets and during my stay at Shirdi. No water is required after using these and they aren’t sticky. This can even be used post meals at unknown locations. (I avoid local water at any new place). My favorite variant is Green Apple. They are safe for regular use and all have mild fragrance which is a thumbs up for sensitive nose individual 🙂 Cons – It contains Alcohol.


Himalaya Muscle & Joint Rub – If you have severe pain please consult with a Doctor. This can be used for slight muscle pain and it works fine. If one has severe muscle or joint pain alternately use a hot water bag and this cream. The results are slow yet effective. I tried to use it for mom and me. It didn’t work for mom but helped me little as she had severe sprain and mine was normal. I’m sure this works for severe sprain but takes time.

Net Wt. 20g for Rs. 45 the product.

Have you tried Himalaya Wellness Range? Let me know your views in the comments. These are easily available at your nearest Drugstores or Online. You can check their website for other useful products.

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