February is celebrated as love month. Valentine’s week starts from 7th Feb to 14th Feb and is considered as love week 🙂 I personally feel we don’t need a day to celebrate the magic of love. Each day is beautiful when you have positive people. We tend to forget there is a lot more other than family, relatives, and friends.

This Valentine’s do something unusual and notice a smile on someone else’s face. Read this unique blog post and plan Valentine’s 🙂

Plant Trees – Exhilarating free pure air 🙏💯is a blessing. Forest is cut down and to build huge skyscrapers. Let’s thank the universe for the free things around and stay away from the desire for more.✌ Make sure we plant a tree on any happy or sad moment and feel the difference. If you reside in flat go for some easy indoor plants like Orchid, Neem, Areca, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, etc – These plants give off oxygen at night as well. People who own a bungalow can plant huge trees and plan their garden with simple landscaping ideas.
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Peace 🙂

Visit an Orphanage – We have a happy family and spend time with them. Our weekends are super packed with friends and relatives, but little that we know there are many kids who have no roof to give them shelter or no parents around to scold and teach good values, nor hug and love them during sad moments 💯✌

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Let’s make this day special and spread love among these kids and adult kids. Visit an orphanage plan some innovative games, play and take them to the nearest park. Arrange a movie for the orphanage team with some popcorn. Trust me this would make them smile and cherish these moments forever 😇🙏✔


Feed Stray Dogs – Have you ever thought why do we see so many street or stray dogs outside🐕 our house? Well, the reason is simple their ancestors stayed in the forest and we cut those for development and hence they are around our house. Next time you see these loyal creatures feed them something, keep biscuits handy so that every time you step out of the house it’s easy to offer them biscuits. The reason I’m asking to feed stray dogs is that we adopt pets who are their favorite breed and stray dogs are on the street with no help or shelter.
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Neighbor’s Dog

Support Adoption and no Buying of dogs. Birds, Cats, Fishes are kept as pets but stray dogs remain untouched. Next time you see a stray pat their back and see how they return back love to❤ their master. Wild animals seek help when they have their own group in forest and get food but stray don’t always get food or shelter and spend days on the streets in almost all seasons☀🌨🌦☃❄
Beggars – We all have mixed feelings for beggars. Personally, I have seen women merely using handicapped men and forcing them to beg. After some time, if the man gets money or food that is been forcefully taken away from him and he is not given a morsel. India has beggars in all parts of the city. Visit your local area plan to give the kids and families some toys and food every month. This isn’t making them reliable for you but this will make them feel special. P.S. You can also guide them to work and not beg for livelihood 💯
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Grandparents and Assisted Living Homes – We are focusing on our people, our community, our friends. Have you ever thought of a day to be spent with your Grandparents? If not go ahead take them for a theatrical show or classical music concert. They are the most important part of our lives. The love and affection, care and support from them are unmatchable. ✔😇🙏
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P. S. There are many Retirement or Assisted Living Homes where adults send their parents and lead a nuclear family life. The grandparents here come together eat, talk and spend time with like-minded people. They try to hide their sorrows and lead a normal life. Visit such places, spend some time with them and make them smile.😊
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